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Samsung galaxy S6 has as of late dispatched the most recent rendition of the Samsung system s6- The Samsung’s galaxy s6. The cell phone is astounding and accompanies the most recent peculiarities that any mobile as of now gives in this industry. Preceding it was the arrival of the universe s7 that got a staggering reaction in the beginning however general society reaction slowly reduced and the deals dropped. The reason that specialists accept is the utilization of the same plan that was utilized with the S6. The customers had an assessment that the same plastic packaging as was there in the world s6 gave the Mobile a keen look where as the metallic plan that was as of late presented in the cell phones of the contenders of Samsung cosmic system s5 their deals a boost. for this reason, there have been gossipy tidbits over the web that Samsung may be thinking to dump the old standard model of the s6 and would be exchanging over to either metallic packaging or carbon packaging. While there are more risks of Samsung’s being slanted towards metallic outline, the organization may rope in carbon packaging for a change. Samsung’s late manage an organization delivering carbon fiber items firms Samsung’s choice of a carbon-cased cell phone that could most conceivably be the universe s6 cell phone. The carbon packaging is additionally anticipated that will make the mobile phone stun evidence. The cell phone would likewise be waterproof.
Different specs of Samsung’s Galaxy s6 incorporate a reputed 128gb stockpiling limit. The RAM would be enormous, 4 GB as being hypothesized in light of the fact that Samsung has effectively presented a 4 GB RAM in its Samsung Galaxy s6 cell phone. There were gossipy tidbits drifting everywhere throughout the web that Samsung is chipping away at a 4gb RAM. So this makes it clear that the gadget that could be the following huge thing from Samsung would gimmick such an enormous RAM. The battery may be extended to 4000mah as is right now exhibit in a portion of the cell phones of its rivals. On the off chance that if Samsung transforms its outline to metallic packaging, the battery would get to be non-removable as is the situation with some of its rival’s top of the line cell phones.
Discussing the cam, we have the news that the cam quality could be expanded well over 16mp on the grounds that the Galaxy zoom effectively offered 16mp and the s6 had additionally emphasized a 13 MP cam. The OS could be Android 5 Kitkat variant – as proposed by the surfacing bits of gossip.
With everything taken into account the cosmic system s6 cell phone from Samsung would be a pocket size powerhouse giving grandiose peculiarities.

How To Samsung Galaxy S6: Top Features

Samsung launched its highly anticipated flagship, the Galaxy S6, inside a well-attended event at Barcelona, Spain. As is usually the case with the company’s high-end Android devices, the smartphone carries with it an extremely rich feature set. Listed below are smartphone’s top features.

Samsung launched its highly anticipated flagship, the Galaxy S6, in the well-attended event at Barcelona, Spain. As is usually the case together with the company’s high-end Android devices, the smartphone comes with an extremely rich feature set. Allow me to share smartphone’s top features.

1. Great Design

The Galaxy S6 provides the same great design – rounded corners, slim bezels and a home button – as the predecessor, the Galaxy S4. The real difference in between the two devices may be the Galaxy S6’s dimpled back cover, which makes it much better to hold.

2. Excellent Display

The product comes with a large, 5.1 inch display, perfect for watching movies and web surfing. Because of its high res, it is possible to find out the tiniest of details without struggling. Rich colors, high contrast and wide viewing angles round within the selection of stuff that you can expect to like concerning this phone.

3. Speed

The smartphone is very fast because of a powerful four-core processor under its hood. This is coupled with a whooping three gigabytes of RAM, meaning you could open a large number of applications without slowing the device down. Furthermore, an incredibly potent graphics processing unit makes sure that games run with no hitch.

4. Superb Cameras

Samsung’s high end Android phones usually have great cameras, along with the Samsung galaxy s6 manual maintains that honorable tradition. The back-facing camera features a resolution of sixteen megapixels and takes great photos, particularly in bright light. A special night mode as well as an LED flash guarantee that one could capture relatively good photos and videos in low light and total darkness. The leading-facing camera includes a more sedate two megapixel resolution, that is perfectly serviceable for selfies and video chatting.

5. An Extensive Lasting Battery

The unit comes with a high capacity battery that could power the device for a couple of days with moderate use. Where needed, you may improve its staying power by activating Samsung’s special Ultra Power Mode. Additionally it is removable, which provides you a choice of carrying extra ones in instances where you may be not able to access power outlets for several days.

6. Latest Software

The smartphone comes along with KitKat, the newest version of Android. Aside from the underlying os, most of Samsung’s proprietary applications, like the Touchwiz ui, happen to be updated.

7. S-Health

The S-Health application may help you get a lean body in several ways. A pedometer counts your footsteps then uses that information to calculate your calorie use. The fitness coach, on the other hand, assists you to set and attain fitness-related goals. The cell phone even comes with a heart-rate monitor. The reader can be found next to the camera flash.

8. It is actually Waterproof

You can take selfies in the shower or take calls while bathing thanks to the phone’s IP 67 certification. Those two numbers let you plunge the Samsung Galaxy S6 inside a pool water that may be not more than a meter deep, and then leave it there for approximately thirty minutes. For maximum protection, you need to ensure that the back cover and also the small flap that protects the USB port are usually into position.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Versus HTC One M8, A Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting close to its launch, and it is expected to compete with a number of smartphone models in the market. One of its closest competitors, however, is the HTC One M8, which has seen rave reviews and won a number of fans since its launch. Here is a close comparison between the One M8 and what we know for now about the Galaxy S6.
The HTC One M8’s metal design feature was a huge plus point for the brand, and this was sorely missing in the Galaxy S5. Has Samsung made the necessary design changes with its Galaxy S6? Well, the latest news indicate that the S6 will indeed come with a metal frame and possible glass-made back. With this kind of design, the S6 will definitely be a stronger competitor to the One M8. The S6 also has dimensions of 143.30 x 70.81 x 6.91 mm, which is very similar to the 146.4 x 70.6 x 9.4 mm dimensions of the One M8. Overall, the S6 will be a little shorter than its HTC competitors.
One interesting aspect of the S6 is that it is expected to come with a home button with an integrated fingerprint reader, just like the Touch ID feature of the Apple iPhone 6. This is missing in the HTC One M8 and can be huge plus point for the S6, not just over the M8, but also most of its other competitors.
The S6 will have a 5.1-inch screen with an upgraded 2K resolution display, as compared to the HTC One M8’s 5-inch screen and 1080p display. In other words, the Samsung Galaxy S6 will have a resolution of 2560 X 1440 pixels with a density of 575 pixels per inch, as compared to 1920 X 1080 pixels and a density of 441 pixels per inch. Considering that the Galaxy Note 4 already comes with the 2K screen, the addition of a 2K screen for the S6 is not that much of a surprise. With this configuration, however, the S6 will have a clearly better display than the HTC One M8.
Here is a look at the rumored specifications of the Samsung Galaxy S6:
* 64-bit Exynos 7 Processor
* 5 MP front camera
* 20 MP or 16 MP rear camera with optical image stabilization
* 32 GB storage in the US and support for micro SD cards up to 128 GB
* Touch fingerprint sensor
* NFC, IR, 802.11ac Wi-Fi and 4G LTE connectivity
On the other end, here are the specifications of the HTC One M8:
* 2.3 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 801 with 2 GB RAM
* 5 MP front camera
* 4 Ultrapixel rear camera with dual flash
* 32 GB storage and support for micro SD cards
* Front-facing speakers
* NFC, IR connectivity
As you can see, there are some clear differences in the specifications of both phones. While the HTC One M8 seems to be missing the fingerprint sensor expected in the S6, it does come with one of the best front-facing speakers in the market at present, delivering clear and loud sounds.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to be priced at $199 to $249 on contract or $650 to $680 off-contract. The HTC One M8, meanwhile, is available on-contract for as low as $99. Will the S6 be worth the premium price? We’ll find out soon enough!

Best deals on iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Samsung Note

Many of the best holiday smartphone deals are being advertised now. Here are some of the best deals on the iPhone 6 series and the newer Samsung phones; many are highlighted in’s Nov. 16 article.
Target’s Black Friday ad  offers the Samsung Galaxy S5 for $0.01 on Black Friday, Nov. 28, with new 2-year smartphone service contract from AT&T. This is the latest in Samsung’s Galaxy series of smartphones and was introduced in the spring of 2014. Walmart also has a deal on this phone but it is $99 higher. A one-cent deal on a smartphone that new, and as popular as Galaxy S5 has been, is a very good deal.
The largest phones, meaning Samsung’s hot new Galaxy Note 4 and the iPhone 6 Plus, are hottest right now so deals are few and far between. Last year’s Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, is naturally far cheaper than the Note 4. Look for the Note 3 for $99 or less at Best Buy. That’s not necessarily a Black Friday special, it is a fairly normal price for a popular new smartphone with one-year-old technology.
Walmart also has some good iPhone 6 deals coming. They’re offering iPhone 6 for $179 with a new 2-year service commitment, plus giving back a $75 dollar Walmart gift card.  Best Buy beats Walmart at the iPhone 6 game by offering iPhone 6 for $100. These deals require that you enter a a 2-year phone service deal with a major U.S. carrier.
The best iPhone 6 deal announced so far is at Sam’s Club. Internet reports indicate that Club members can buy an iPhone 6 for $100 off the retail list price from Nov. 15 forward; however, this is an in-store only purchase and recent online searches identified no Cleveland-area Sam’s Clubs with iPhone 6 in stock.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Redeems the Fallen S5

Samsung S5, though a huge commercial success globally, had received dozens of flak because of its pseudo plastic and pseudo metal frame. In contrary, Samsung S6 is clearly one of the biggest tech announcements in 2015 so far. It was the highlight of the recently held Samsung Electronics Product Launch in Barcelona, Spain – The tech company aims to rival with its archenemy Apple’s iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s with their Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Just so you know, the expected formal market release of the S6 will be this coming April 2015.
So you’re wondering, why did it take so long? Samsung S4 and S5 were released two years ago, around April of 2013 and 2014. After that, Samsung has lost a big chunk of market share, especially after Apple had released their 6th gem. Maybe the Samsung execs then decided to think long and hard on how to recover their lost spot in the limelight. Well, it looks like this is going to be the comeback of all comebacks for the latter because the Galaxy S6 is going to be a huge release! So, as of this time, is it worth it to purchase the new shiny gadget? These specs will help you decide:
The highlight of the Galaxy S6 is its design. The handset blends an immaculate combination of glass and metal (which of course, the latter is more dominant). When compared to other similar metal/glass phones in the market like the Sony Xperia Z, the Galaxy S6 trumps in terms of compactness. It fits the hands better so grip would be very comfortable. The overall look is more solid and premium.
Good new for pixel and resolution junkies! Samsung has retained its formula of Super AMOLED display for the Galaxy S6. And rightfully so, as it has been their number one benchmark of excellence for the past few years. The Galaxy S6 takes it to the next level by offering a 2560 x 1440 pixel QHD resolution.
Other Notable Points
Samsung has retained their 16 MP and did not go for the extremes like Nokia Lumia did last year. However, they worked more on their sensors to make the most out of the existing megapixel rate. The Galaxy S6 also packs a 2550 mAH battery. Unfortunately, the previous release had 2880 MAH. This might stand as a worrying point in which users are facing.
So far, the Galaxy S6 has an eye-catching design and some nice functions borrowed from Apple like their new version of ear pods and swipe style reader. They even made an automated payment system similar to Apple’s iPay. So, let’s see whether this is going to be a huge success this time!

What Are the Best Cell Phones? Why You Need a Samsung Galaxy

Answering the question what are the best cell phones can be extremely difficult. When it comes down to it the best cell phones on the market currently are smart phones. There will always be the debate as to which smart phones are better, but when it comes down to it, you need to get one of the cell phones from the Samsung range.
What are the best cell phones from Samsung? Currently the best mobile phone that Samsung has on offer is the brand new Samsung Galaxy S5. The S5 has every possible detail you could ever ask for on a smart phone. When you purchase the new S5 you will get:

16 megapixel camera with HD video recording

1 inch, 2080p Full HD display

Fantastic battery life, with the addition of ultra-power saving mode, which you can switch too if you phone is less than 10% and still have access to everything

Built in heart rate monitor, keeping track of your health is easy with this addition to the S Health application

Dustproof and water resistant

Fingerprint scanner password to protect your phones content at all times

Multiple accessories, including covers and wireless battery chargers

Complete Android system

The Samsung S5 will provide you with everything you could possibly need in a smart phone. If you are due an upgrade then this is the phone that you should definitely try to get your hands on. If you are not in the position to get the S5 at this point in time than any one of the previous Samsung Galaxy models will still be able to provide you with the utmost in smart phone technology. You can choose from:

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

When you purchase a Samsung phone you are guaranteed fantastic access to services. Accidents do happen and, unfortunately, you may experience a cracked or scratched screen at some point. If this happens with other mobile phone manufacturers, you will be forced to pay out a lot of money for your screen to be fixed or replaced. This is not the case with the Samsung mobiles, during your first year or while your cell phone is under warranty you are given two free screen repairs. They will also replace your battery for you, free of charge, if it has been giving you issues. This is just one of the many reasons why your next cell phone should be one from the Samsung range.

Samsung S6 Edge

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge? It is quite a good time to do so, if you are contemplating updating. Multiple manufacturers have recently established new phones that they’ll happily exchange to get a slice of your hard-earned, sweat, blood and tear -soaked cash. The following article will discuss the features of the Samsung S6 Edge, and how it compares directly to the new iPhone 6.
It is bent. Not in a rogue cop way, but in a way that is good. The S6 Edge features a dual-curved display that adds some extra functionality over its non-set sibling the S6. Edge owners will soon have the ability to find out a clock notifications and recent contacts that run along the curve without waking up the whole screen. There’s also “Edge Lighting” that, when the device is face down, illuminates the surface having a colour that is assigned to your special contact. The benefit is the fact that you will know who is calling without going through the arduous procedure for picking your telephone up and looking at it. You can even reject the call by placing your finger on the heart rate monitor, which can be located alongside the rear camera.
The latest flagship phones of Samsung, the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge have now been causing quite a stir. With superlative features and superior construction materials previously unheard-of from the Galaxy range, it is Samsung’s biggest challenge yet to the iPhone. But it is it’s camera which may prove to be the greatest risk…
Recently, a writer for a Danish website ran a head to head photographic shoot out between the Galaxy S6 Edge and Apple’s main iPhone 6 Plus.
De Boissezon’s scenes show a number of shots including a high-contrast cityscape, close ups of feel and a comparatively dimly-lit parking lot and also the results are remarkable.
Camera Test Results
Thanks to its substantially higher resolution image sensor, more detail is clearly delivered by the Galaxy S6 Edge, in virtually every evaluation photograph. When seen at full magnification, textures are clearly more in-depth from the Samsung cellphone, as you would probably expect.
The evaluation commends the automatic exposure capabilities of the iPhone 6 Plus in bright day, but noted the Galaxy S6 Edge did a better job in low light, recording highlight elements which became lost when photographed with all the iPhone 6 Plus. Overall, the Galaxy S6 Edge captured a better dynamic range, the capability to capture both shadow and highlight detail in precisely the same time.
While generally exceptional operation was delivered by Galaxy S6 Edge, it did fight a little sometimes leaving neutral greys and whites with an exceedingly warm tint, as was seen with demo units revealed in the unveiling. While some photographs shot with pre-release applications revealed a difficulty that is similar, Niels de Boissezon notes that his test shots were shot with the final release version that ought to send to customers – as affirmed by the Samsung executive who supervised his testing.
The evaluations leave little doubt that the camera hardware of the Galaxy S6 Edge is significantly better compared to the iPhone 6 Plus.
The Negatives
There’s always a catch. The style of the S6 Edge is quite a radical change from preceding Galaxy smartphones. So in case you had been a fan of any of these characteristics, then you’ll need to decide if the upgraded aesthetics are worth the omissions.
The slimmer design also means the battery is smaller than the flagship of last year. The S6 Edge sports a 2600mAh battery, while the Galaxy S5 had a 2800mAh power pack. Samsung argues that the more efficient chipset and less distended TouchWiz makes up for the smaller battery, but we’ll have to wait for the entire review before we can fully investigate.
There is also the issue of cost. Some reports have it at $ 100 for the Edge variant, with rumours suggesting the 32GB Edge could cost upwards of $750.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review

Do You Like Curves?The Edge is definitely a maverick offering in comparison with the linear S6, a physical tribute to the invention Samsung prides itself on. That mantle was called into question recently, after a series of unsatisfactory financial results as their smartphone sales fell and arch rival Apple celebrated its biggest quarterly profit ever. Does the Edge have what it takes to help turn the organization ‘s fortunes around? While the reviews are pouring in and mainly positive, a March 29 article in Forbes is not so kind, mainly criticizing Samsung’s claim that would allow removal of bloatware from the phone.
Design and DisplayIs there any need to get a smartphone with double-sided curved display? Not really, no. Does it look great? Yes. I’ve written previously that I believe this can be a considered and intelligent distinction point for Samsung, rather than a mere gimmick. The unit feels balanced and pleasant to hold, along with the tempered Corning Gorilla Glass and metal body is a world far from the sticking-plaster feel of the Galaxy S5’s plastic back. Samsung have been keen to shove their focus on the Edge’s premium substances, made using “first-of-its-kind glass crafting technology and unmatched quality control”. Advertising chat the White Pearl version I tested seemed and felt not cheap, despite a propensity for quickly becoming grubby with fingerprints.
But all this new style doesn’t come without sacrifices. There will without doubt be disappointed from the determination to do away with all the removable battery and microSD slot – nonetheless, a choice of 32, 64 and 128 GB storage alternatives is just not to be sniffed at. It is practically like Samsung have been taking notes from another smartphone giant. Talking of which, although you now just need to rest your finger as opposed to swiping over the home button, it appear more time to register my fingerprints for unlocking (and in time Samsung Pay services), and was typically less sensitive compared to the iPhone 6 Plus’ detector. It is a minor point, but when you are unlocking your phone up to numerous times a day, not an insignificant one. As you’d expect, the fact the 5.1-inch Quad HD display wraps around almost the whole width of the handset makes seeing videos a delight. Watching movies and programmes on a traditional candybar-shaped handset after feels strangely lacking – the symbol of a characteristic that is strong if there was one. The AMOLED 2,560 x 1,440 resolution is currently the finest on the market.
Battery Life, Power, and ReceptionIf there clearly was a single place the Edge fell short, it might be battery life, or lack thereof. After using it to check emails and watch the weird video throughout the morning, within just a couple hours the battery had fallen to around 60. Given this was only light to moderate use, it is not exceptional. Samsung says just 10 minutes of charging through a regular charger translates into four hours of additional power, therefore it may be asserted that while the Edge may rage through battery life, at least it replenishes instantly. I wasn’t able to examine pads that will be released alongside the Edge being charged by the wireless and thus can’t testify to how fast it will recharge the handset, but around 10 minutes of charging via cable restores. The powerful Octacore program processor makes light work of running multiple apps, and I noted no discernible slowdown when toggling between them. The handset becomes slightly warm following prolonged video watching, while making calls out and about in London, but I did not discover any reception loss.
Software and FeaturesThe much-maligned TouchWiz interface has been spruced up for the Edge, and it comes with far fewer annoying preloaded programs than before. Among these is a whole folder of Google fodder, including YouTube, Hangouts and Drives, and another of Microsoft (OneDrive, OneNote and Skype). There is less initial ‘noise’ on your home screen than preceding iterations carrying out a stripping back on the number of dialogue boxes and menus, but it is still a little bloated for my tastes.
People Edge, a brand new attribute allowing you to register five contacts on the curved edge of the telephone (left or right, your option) with individual colours. The curved sides light up with all the right colour of the contact who’s phoning, which Samsung claims enables the owner to assess who is trying to get your hands on them without interrupting their conversation when the Edge is placed face down. Owners can touch the heart rate detector on the phone’s back trigger the sending of a default answer text and to reject any incoming calls, without having to turn over the handset. It is not groundbreaking, but it’s entertaining.
CameraGiven the S5 had a 16MP back-facing camera, at first sight Samsung have not really changed much with the Edge’s snapper. Pictures taken with the rear-facing lens were very sharp, and I was really impressed together with the level of detail. The front-facing 5MP lens produced clear, defined pictures even in low-level light, complete with 120 degree wide-angle lens for all those wide selfies you are dying to snap.
ConclusionDoes the Border have, well, the edge? The camera is exceptional, it’s incredibly strong plus it is a delight to work with. The disadvantages to all this glare are the tolerable Touchwiz, the battery life and the price tag – for the 64GB version, that is just slightly cheaper than the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus. But it’s a premium cost for a truly premium cellphone, and one I believe many will be prepared to cover. I’d argue that in the past, Samsung has attempted but did not create a cellphone that’s transcended to status symbol from gadget. The Samsung S6 Edge is great enough to alter that.

Verizon offers $100 off Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with trade-in of any smartphone

If you want the hot new Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone and you own a working smartphone, now’s the time to check the trade-in deals at Verizon. Verizon is offering to give you at least $100 in the form of a gift card good toward purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge in exchange for your old, working smartphone. These are the latest and greatest Samsung smartphones, the ones in the news now. Check this April 7 review on, which is favorable.’s review, also dated April 7, raises concerns about the difficulty of getting inside the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
The Samsung Galaxy S6 comes with a 5.1-inch screen. That’s about halfway between the screen sizes of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge each have 1440??2560 pixels in their display screen, a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera, and a 5-megapixel front-facing camera for selfies. The operating system is Android 5.0.2, nicknamed Lollipop. The microprocessor is a quad-core product from Exynos.
There are more Samsung deals now at Verizon: If you have a recent model Samsung phone to trade in, you’re in luck: you get at least $150 back for trading in a Samsung Galaxy S4, or $200 for a Samsung Galaxy S5. To get any of these trade-in values, your trade-in needs to be in good working condition. You’ll receive a Verizon gift card in return. The trade-in offers will only be in effect for a limited time; end dates are not specified yet.
There are a few more specials at Verizon on Samsung products: If you buy a Samsung Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge, you can get one of Samsung’s smart watches, the  Samsung Gear S, for $199.99. The regular price on the Gear S is $349.99 with a new 2-year cell phone contract.
Alternatively, you can get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, a tablet with 10-inch screen, for $99.99. These normally cost $229.99 with a new 2-year contract. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S tablet is also available for $249.99, and it lists for $499.99 with 2-year contract. All these prices require a new 2-year Verizon contract for each device.
Finally, one more incentive: If you come over to Verizon from another carrier, you can receive a one-time credit of $100 toward your monthly service for any new smartphone activated on Verizon Edge.
The prices for the Samsung Galaxy S6 at Verizon are in line with prices you’d pay for the latest iPhone: $199.99 for the base model with a new two-year commitment to Verizon service. These base models have 32 gigabytes of storage. To get the price down to $199.99, Verizon is offering a rebate in the form of a $50 debit card, over and above the trade-in deals mentioned above. That mail-in rebate debit card will take up to 6 weeks to receive, and it expires 12 months after it’s issued. Check for details.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 better than iPhone 6 Plus in some ways

On Friday morning, the Galaxy Note 4 went on sale and many of the stores we checked with in Los Angeles are sold out. Many Sprint subscribers received their new Note 4 on Thursday, while T-Mobile subscribers started receiving their phones as early as Monday. We have worked with the device for hours and believe that, in some ways, the Galaxy Note 4 absolutely kills the iPhone 6 Plus. We will have more on that later. Let’s take a look at the device:
Build and design
The Galaxy Note 4 is 6.04 x 3.09 x 0.33 inches and weighs 176 grams. If feels slightly heavier than the Galaxy Note 3 due to the metal strip that surrounds the device. The extra weight is definitely worth the metal frame, which gives the new Galaxy Note a premium and more sturdy feel. The back is still made up of the same faux (but not stitched) leather of the Galaxy Note 3, but it doesn’t make the unit feel cheap. Samsung finally gets it right with the Galaxy Note build and we can only hope they bring the same build to future phones, such as the Galaxy S6.
The Galaxy Note’s 5.7-inch screen is larger than the iPhone 6 Plus 5.5-inch screen, but the device is still smaller. This is because Samsung, unlike Apple, didn’t waste any bezel space. The Galaxy Note 4 is still a big device, but you can still fit it in your pocket.
The Galaxy Note 4’s screen is nothing short of a miracle. We always assumed that the human eye can’t tell a difference between the 1080p full HD resolution on the Note 3 and the 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution screen on the Galaxy Note 4. This assumption was wrong; pictures and text actually look crisper than they were on the Galaxy Note 3. The visual difference isn’t as huge as it seems on paper, but it’s still there.
Many have thought that the 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution screen on the Galaxy Note 4 is pointless since a quad HD screen eats up battery life faster. However, the resolution is perfect for Samsung’s upcoming Gear VR virtual reality headset, where every pixel makes a difference since the Galaxy Note 4 screen will be so close to the face.

Galaxy S6 is more stylish with easy to use software and speedy picture taking

According to MSN News on Friday, a review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 revealed some nice improvements over its predecessors. With the S6 smart phone comes a sharper camera, more streamlined software, and better design. Samsung has already been notorious for its improvement upon its hardware, but most significantly is the easy to use software. With previous Samsung products came a struggle with questionable software and difficult usage, but now it’s the lack of questionable software that garners its attention.
In the United States comes the ability to pre-order the phone come Friday with a deliver date expected on April 10. Prices will likely differ depending on the carrier and the price range for the Galaxy S6 will range from $600 to $685 and will come equipped with a 32-gigabyte storage capacity. There’s also a Samsung premium version called the Galaxy S6 Edge with a curved screen allowing the ability to view content of the phone from the sides.
Five things to know about this phone are:
The Galaxy S6 is more stylish now with metal sides and a glass back that bares a similarity to the older iPhones. Gone are the black plastic encasement which made it look cheap. Keep in mind, with this style comes a slippery grip, so it would be advisable to get a smart phone case.
Picture Taking
It looks like the Galaxy S6’s picture taking abilities seem to bare a similarity to the iPhone 6’s great focus. Another great feature when it comes to taking pictures with this phone is the ability to double tap the screen even when the phone is locked to trigger the camera. Such a feature would come in handy for on-the-fly shots as opposed to missing the moment while taking a few more taps to get to the camera mode in older models.
Video Watching
The downside to watching videos on the Galaxy S6 is the sensitivity, though the screen is “amoled” in nature, the sensitive handling of the phone can disrupt the video media. It seems that if a user touches a certain portion of the outer frame of the screen such as the back button. It seems this button may seem too close to the edge where likely finger tips handling the phone could pause or interrupt the media.
Discovering User’s Phone Needs
The most noticeable change in the S6 phone is that it has come to replace icons with texts. Also, in place of a magnifying glass icon for the search ability comes the simple “Search” text. Though this text-based ability to navigate software is only limited to the exclusive Samsung software, third-party software isn’t excluded as their icons/symbols exist within the smart phone.
Also, comes with this product is the latest “Lollipop” version of Android. For one, is the ability to bring notifications even though the screen is already locked, much like that of the iPhone. This saves a lot of hoop-hopping or finger tapping in order to get to the message that one desires to read.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge
Something interesting about the “Edge” model comes the flashing colored lights on either side of the phone that lets the user know who is calling. Other than that, it still appears that practicality is a concern. Both models have finger print recognition technology to unlock the phone. Also, Samsung Pay will be launching later in the year allowing users to make their payments at retail businesses. There is also the ability to open up multiple software applications at one time much like a regular PC, which is something missing in portable devices like tablets and other smart phones. Both models also charge rather quickly.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge; The Wonders they Are

With the announcement of the revolutionary Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, Samsung has put to rest all the hype and rumors that the new flagships would be the same disappointing failure as the S5. The South Korean firm revealed the phones at the Mobile World Congress 2015 where everyone got to see the 180-degree turn that the firm had made in terms of build, materials and aesthetic design. The smartphone giant made a complete departure from their uninspiring and plastic approach and have opted for sleek metallic exteriors. This year, Samsung Electronics has a lot to prove.
The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus of rival Apple are selling quite rapidly and have already amassed 70 million users and then there is also the arrival of LG G4, launching in the second quarter and the HTC One M9. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge can be defined as the company’s comeback products, which, Samsung hopes will aid in re-establishing it as the premier maker of Android phones in the world. In order to accomplish this goal, Samsung introduced the Project Zero Initiative for redesigning its next flagships from the ground up.
It would be a gross understatement to say that the new handsets were well received at the MWC 2015. There were positive initial reactions and there was a lot of praise going around, which is quite new for the South Korean company. This is exactly what Samsung was aiming for and it seems that the designers managed to hit the nail squarely on the head. As per a cell phone reviews website, the pre-order numbers for the handsets are quite off the charts as about 20 million have been received by the firm, which include 15 million for the Galaxy S6 and 5 million for the Galaxy S6 Edge from worldwide mobile carriers.
It has been reported that Samsung has increased its production targets for both handsets. Previously, it had been planning to manufacture 7 million units by April 7th. Now, the company has bumped up this figure to 8 million for sating the demand that has been growing rapidly. Moreover, if that wasn’t enough for gaining traction in the smartphone market, the company has also made a deal with carrier T-Mobile. On the pre-registration page of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, T-Mobile has said that they are offering one year of Netflix free of charge to clients getting the Samsung devices from them.
In addition, they will pay off contracts or phone payments to other carriers if customers are interested in getting the Samsung flagship handsets from them. However, it should be borne in mind that orders are countered different by Apple and Samsung. The former only includes consumer figures while Samsung also includes orders placed by carriers in its calculations. Nonetheless, 20 million is no small feat and the networks are expected to make a huge push when they get their hands on the devices in April. The devices are available for pre-order from various high street retailers including Three, O2, Vodafone, EE and Carphone Warehouse.

Sim Unlock Samsung Galaxy S4

How to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 and S4 Value Edition in few minutes with our software?


As our readers requests, we decided to giveaway an service software that is able to unlock any Samsung Galaxy S4, Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy S4 Value Edition with just few clicks.All you need to do is to follow our step by step tutorial.

What you need to successfully sim unlock Samsung Galaxy S4?

First step is to click the download button below and download Samsung unlock tool.


Next step is to install this piece of software. After you finish that you also need to install latest version of Samsung Kies from Samsung official website.Next step is to be sure that you own an original usb cable and not a cheap one because you may have problems with connection (not anytime but is better to avoid any error while you try to connect your device to computer).After that you should open Samsung unlock tool by clicking the right click on it and then ” Run As Administrator”. Now let me tell you how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 and any other S4 model like S4 Mini and S4 Value Edition. Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S4 and after that connect your device to usb cable and then to usb port. (Windows Xp,Vista,7,8 Only)

After this step is done you must click “Get Started”, click “Choose Your Device” (Samsung Galaxy S4 or S4 Mini), click “Next” and stop right there. As you can see we have here few options. We need to check “Unlock” button and then click “Next”. If you forgot your device pass and want to reset it choose 2nd options from that menu. You can also use “Factory Reset” function or “Update Firmware” if you find it usefully.

Let’s comeback on unlock process. After you clicked “Next” button you must wait few minutes, about 4-5, for this tool to sim unlock Samsung Galaxy S4 device. After you receive “Done” message you can disconnect your smartphone and turn it on. Before that insert your locked sim and now you will have an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 or S4 mini. If you find this article usefully please share it with your friends. Any questions or message can be send on our contact page. Feel free to contact us anytime you need. Happy unlocking! Cheers!

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Cheap Samsung Mobile Phones With a Difference – Shopping – Electronics

Samsung is a brand that has been accepted by millions worldwide. This is quite evident by the fact that a large number of people prefer to use its devices. Samsung Galaxy S4 is one such product launched last year in 2013 and has been replaced by a Korean firm offering Galaxy S5. Samsung has in fact, become a real trusted brand among its users who want to buy the products of this brand.
In the market, where you find hundreds of phones along with so much competition, choosing the best out of them is a bit hard task. Samsung Galaxy S5 has superseded the S4, it still being sold in large numbers, a bit lower in price. It comes under cheap Samsung mobile phones with a number of latest features included in the model. It’s the proud successor of Samsung’s S3 model.
Now, with so many models up on sale, there is a quite fierce and stiff competition. The other models in the limelight are iPhone 5S or HTC One M8. This has made other manufacturers to make much improved flagship phones. For example, you may notice some phones like Sony Xperia Z2 or Nexus 5. Now, the million dollar question still holds at its place as it still holds the place to be one of the best phones still being liked by many? Well, there are certain features of the phone that still make it rule over others. However, you may find some of the features that do not simply fit as per today’s technology. So, here, it makes the phone less compatible to use as compared to others with same specifications.
Apart from its lovely features that make the device quite user friendly, there are also some issues and that’s with its interface. It takes a bit time to press an icon and make a call. This is what others may find it a little chunkier than most of the Android phones or i phones where it seems to have auctioned quicker. Now, please have a look at some of the key features of Samsung Galaxy S4.
The device has been in the limelight as soon as it launched. The reason was its astonishing looks and features. Also, it resembled a lot with S3 as well. It’s a light weight phone weighing just 130 gm having dimensions of 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – A Strong, Worthy Smartphone For Multitasking

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been one of the most anticipated smartphones, but how well does it live up to the expectations? Before beginning with the review, here is a quick look at its key specifications.
Key Specifications:

Full HD AMOLED 5-inch screen


1.9 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Processor

AirView and Gesture

InfraRed remote

Smart Pause and Scroll

13-megapixel camera

Temperature and humidity sensors

First impressions:
One of the first things that will strike you about the phone is the fact that it retains the same size and weight while upping its screen to a 5-inch Full HD one. Many smartphones today have Full HD screens, but the Super AMOLED HD screen adds significant clout. Moreover, there is a faster processor, an expanded memory card slot, and other top-end technology features like Bluetooth 4.0, 4G, NFC, and more.
As mentioned before, the Galaxy S4 has an impressive form factor with a more solid build than its predecessor. Its faux metal band looks more premium and the chassis does not flex a lot when held tightly like the Samsung Galaxy S3 does. However, many users have said that it can get dented rather easily and the screen can get cracked too.
Standout features:
Samsung Galaxy S4 carries several features common among its competitors. However, some of them are unique enough to take into special consideration. One such feature is the Smart Stay. This feature is not new to the S4, but it is much better implemented than before.
Smart Stay is an eye-tracking technology that tracks you when you look at the screen and dims the screen or puts the phone to sleep if you are not looking at it. While the last version was patchy, this new version works nearly perfectly.
Another big feature is Smart Scroll, which once again tracks your eyes and moves text up and down depending on where on the screen your eyes are focused. Moreover, you can achieve the same thing by tilting your head up and down, although the movement has to be pretty strong. It is not a very practical feature and is far from perfect.
In terms of pure performance, Galaxy S4 unsurprisingly delivers on all counts. Despite the strong performance, the smartphone offers a pretty decent battery life. It is able to handle almost anything thrown at it while its battery runs all day. The 4G video streaming in full brightness for 10 minutes drops battery life by 3% and audio streaming over Bluetooth speakers for 10 minutes drops the battery by 1%.
Despite some flaws that make it less of a standout phone in its category, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a strong, worthy smartphone capable of several tasks.

Samsung Galaxy S4: First Impressions of the New Galaxy Handset

Samsung has finally unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S4. It has brought its attributes in the light. Based on the newest Android v4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system, the Galaxy S4 sports TouchWiz user interface that fetches with it added attributes.
Smart Scroll Functionality:
The most popular attribute of this smartphone is the Smart Scroll. It tracks your eyes to scroll the content. However, it is dissimilar from what had been understood by technology critics. Smart Scroll is an attribute that is controlled by your motions. The moment you tilt your smartphone, the internal motion sensors register the motion & accordingly scroll.
Redesigned snapper Application:
The snapper application is outfitted with new & better attributes. For instance, when you are clicking a photograph you can record an audio of 9 seconds as well. The Drama Shot can create action recorded through burst mode. You have clicked an image of a friend playing tennis; you can merge all images & make an action of the tennis player. In this manner you can make an act of your friend playing tennis. An additional feature that arrives added to the snapper application is dual snapper attributes. You can simultaneously click from the front and rear end snapper. Now you can click a group image with you in it using this feature.
Smart Pause:
Smart Pause tracks your eye movement from the front camera. It will sense your eye movement, for example until you are watching a video the video will keep playing, as soon as you take your eyes off it the video will pause.
The S Factor:
Galaxy S4 arrives with several S attributes. The S Translator is one such attribute that assists in translation. This is help while reading E mails and messages. Making interaction and communication more convenient is what this attribute is all about.
There is one more S feature, S Voice Drive; it helps users with guided voice navigation that is helpful when they are driving. For users who are health conscious and desire to stay updated about their fitness level the feature of S Health is a blessing. It assists in maintaining a track of workout sittings, diets, & weight management, assists monitor blood pressure, and even shows the blood glucose level.
Near Field Communication and Group Play:
Near Field Communication technology offers several benefits. Wi Fi Direct can be used to play songs & games together. Glu & Gameloft have developed their games to fit to this technology. Now users can add eight players and play together.
Air View Feature:
The addition of the newest attribute by the name of Air View is interesting. Now you only need to hover on the touchscreen to zoom in, start a video and access speed dial. This is the finest feature included by the South Korean mobile phone maker.
Samsung Galaxy S4 deals are available with several leading service providers in the market. Log on to a comparison portal to get one.

OtterBox Defense Universe S4 Event Review

The OtterBox Samsung Galaxy S4 Defender situation delivers much of safety for the Galaxy S4 thanks to multiple layers and easy on bit to protect the screen.

Like all OtterBox scenario, the Galaxy S4 Defender series provides some bulk, but also for the additional bulk, consumers get a built-in screen protector, protection from dust and drops and a clip.

The situation contains a beginning for the IR port, so customers can still control their HDTV with Watch On and covers for most other areas.

The OtterBox Galaxy S4 Defender Series event is an excellent match for users that need extra protection, including S4 owners that function in building, out in the industry or about dust and dirt. It’s also a great option for users that are difficult on their phone while operating, biking or spending a wild night out on the city..

Unlike past OtterBox circumstances that came in restricted color options, OtterBox presents 15 options for your Galaxy S4 OtterBox Defender situation, and lets users build their very own having an online choice to get a perfect color combination.

Adding the OtterBox Galaxy S4 event on is easy, and after you have the hang of removing the little videos that keep consistently the hard-plastic coating tight, therefore is removing it. The internal part is just a rigid plastic and the outside slipcover acts as support an a simple to grip surface.

The case covers the strength and volume buttons, and plugs the receiving interface and headphone jack with a small bit of silicone. This isn’t waterproof, however it does help maintain water, dust and soil out. There is a little opening in a wide opening at the very top, and the screen defender for your real home key to keep carefully the earpieces and multiple sensors UN-impeded and open.

It’s simple to use all the buttons and capabilities of the Galaxy S4 during the OtterBox Defender Series case, and I didn’t come across any difficulties using the Samsung voice, motion and special controls with the case on.

OtterBox incorporates a holster that clips onto the Galaxy S4 while in the OtterBox Defender, enabling people to show it to a belt, pocket or a tool bag for safe-keeping. Sadly it doesn’t lock start just like the HTC One Defender Series Cases, so as a kickstand it can’t double.

Overall it is a wonderful Galaxy S4 case for users that need to take the Galaxy S4 in to the field, a school, or a night out without worrying about a drop or dirt ruining the device.

The OtterBox Galaxy S4 Defender Series event is accessible from OtterBox for $50 or for $60 consumers can pickup a real-tree camo option or go with the customized color combinations.

My Beloved Samsung Galaxy S4 VS. iPhone 5S – Technology – Cell Phones

I enjoy my Samsung Galaxy S4 with excellent performance; it’s my favorite mobile phone. I make custom stickers for it to make it unique. For the front, back and sides of the phone are all covered with a layer of custom decals which can be a great protection while at the same time be a cool decoration.
iPhone seems popular among people in my life, however, I don’t see why iPhone is better than my Samsung Galaxy S4 in any way. I list the following main reasons why Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5S.I list the following main reasons why Galaxy S4 is better than iPhone 5S.
1.S4 has bigger screen and Better display quality.
S4 with 5 inches screen, 5S with only 4 inches screen.

Also, S4 with 441 PPI, while 5s only 326 PPI. Surfing on the internet and playing games will be more comfortable on S4.
2.S4 screen works with gloves on. In cold winter, I don’t have to taking my gloves off for playing games.
3.S4 has removable battery. I can replace a new battery when charging is not available.
4.S4 screen has function of smart stay and smart rotation. Especially when I lay on bed watching movie, the screen will automatically rotate to suit my eye.

5.S4 has USB host with OTG support, which I usually connect with Xbox controller to playing games.
6.S4 screen can be divided into multiple parts, in order to open 2 websites simultaneously.
For the people in my life, I think them just blindly following with others to pursue the iPhone. Since the apple company has been successfully made the iPhone becomes a symbol of wealth and fashion. It’s true that showing off the iPhone seems is quite popular.
On the other side, I believe iPhone 5S is also an excellent phone, with easy operation and good appearance. For the price, it may be a little expensive. The custom cases are also very popular for the iPhone users; probably the iPhone is expensive and people willing to spend money to protect it from scratching. The custom stickers for iPhone will be a good choice to show individual style, and it’s really different with the various cases/housings.
Anyway, I still prefer Samsung Galaxy S4, the custom decals have always been my best choice to protect and decorate it. The new generation Samsung Galaxy devices will always been released every year, but I will never forget S4, which is my favorite one that I ever had.

Get A Cheap Samsung Galaxy S4 Case, Today!

If you’ve bought a Samsung Galaxy S4, you should think about buying a good case or cover for it. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on one, you can find cheap cases that do the job just as well. What’s awesome about S4 cases is that not only do they protect your smart phone; they also let you customize the way your device looks. In this article, as there are all kinds of Galaxy S4 cases or covers on the market, we will try to present you with some of the best options you can choose from.
The OtterBox Commuter Series
Offering a slim design, with a fairly hard – yet textured – exterior, so that you can maintain a good grip on the case, OtterBox Commuter Series is another good choice for your smart phone, offering protection from shocks and the good grip you have on the device reducing the risk you accidentally drop it.
Samsung Armor Cover
Made out of hard plastic, with a soft, rubbery outer finish, this Samsung Galaxy S4 cover doesn’t just give your smart phone a classy look, but also offers very good protection, at the same time ensuring you have a very good grip on the device. The back side of the case is detachable and it’s not very thick, so it is not very obvious when you carry it in your pocket.
Samsung Flip Case
Stylish design is what would best describe this cover. It offers great protection for your Galaxy S4, against scratches and shocks, and maintains its slim line, which is something that most cases do not. Covering both the display and the back side of your device, this S4 case gives your phone an attractive look, while protecting it against any mishaps.
Synthetic Leather Case
With a smooth external surface including cutouts for the camera, speaker and ports, and an interior surface covered with a soft material that protects the display from accidental scratches, this case is the perfect solution for those going for the “professional” look for their device, offering elegance to your Galaxy S4. It doesn’t, however, offer as much protection to your device as some of the other cases.
Hard Gel Case
This is another cheap Samsung Galaxy S4 case.Covered in hard plastic and containing a soft silicone layer in the interior, this case offers good protection against any shocks and scratches, and has a nice feel when you touch it. Provided you always use it, this case should help your smart phone retain its “brand new” look for a longer period of time.
Translucent Android
This case offers pretty much the perfect protection. Made from thermoplastic polyurethane, a soft plastic with a comfortable feel, it offers protection from scratches, absorbs shocks, and even protects your smart phone if it gets dropped on hard surfaces. The design of the case permits you to easily access the ports of the device.
Nowadays, you can find variety of Smartphone or mobile phone cases and cover in the market. The products are becoming very trendy with the competition that is arising for being fashionable.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is still a better phone than the iPhone 5s – Los Angeles Gadgets

On Monday morning, Apple announced they were resuming in-store pickups for the iPhone 5S. The phone has been selling well for Apple, although some question the reliability of some of those reports.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 came out last April. We initially gave the phone a lackluster review, but the phone and its features (the ones that aren’t gimmicky) have really grown on us. Let’s compare features of both phones to see what is the best for you.
Build and design
The iPhone 5s is built exactly like the iPhone 5 — this isn’t a bad thing at all. It measures 4.87 x 2.31 x 0.3 inches and weighs 3.95 ounces. The smaller volume buttons are on the left hand side of the device. The smaller Lightning connector is on the bottom of the device and connecting it is easier than it is on any Android phone. The home button now doubles as a reliable fingerprint scanner and the camera in back has a dual flash instead of a single flash. All of your iPhone 5 cases will easily fit your new iPhone 5s.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 looks like a slightly distorted Galaxy S3. At 5.38 x 2.75 x 0.31 inches, it is easy to carry. The plastic might have felt decent in 2012, but feels cheap in 2013. You have to give Samsung credit for making this unit so light at 4.5 oz. However, we would have preferred a stronger casing that weighs a little more. The Galaxy S4, however, feels slightly more sturdy than the Galaxy S3 since the corners are more square than rounded. However, the slimy feel of the phone is still a turnoff.
The iPhone 5S wins easily wins this category. Samsung really needs to change the build and design of the Galaxy S5.
The iPhone 5S screen is the same exact one from the iPhone 5. Last year, the 1136 x 640 pixel resolution (326 ppi) screen was far ahead of its time. This year, it’s a little behind such devices as the Samsung Galaxy S4, which has a 1080p screen with 441 pixels per inch. Truth be told, the eye really doesn’t notice the individual pixels when you get past 300 pixels per inch. However, 4-inches is way too small for a phone these days.
The Galaxy S4 houses a 5-inch Super AMOLED screen that is absolutely stunning. However, we wish the device could get a little brighter. Samsung probably limits the brightness in order to save battery life. Still, the 1080p screen delights the eyes.
The Galaxy S4 easily wins this round. Apple really needs a larger screen on their next smartphone device.

Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4: Grab Your Best Deal – Business – Management

Samsung Galaxy S4 model of mobile handset comes with more than thirty accessories for the samsung galaxy s4 to enhance the utility of the handset and to assist the user to extract optimum benefits from the set. Samsung mobiles are generally technologically very rich and state of the art pieces. Continuous innovation goes into the making of Samsung phones as well as accessories. Both the set and the accessories have contributed to the popularity of the sets.
Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4 include Bluetooth gadgets, headsets, cradles, screen protectors, batteries and chargers, varied types of cases and case covers, stylus, holsters, clips and armbands. The handsets are turned into amazing tools to perform pleasing and entertaining activities when you attach some of the accessories to the phones. Customers look for and buy in frenzy only those sets which perform multiple tasks and double up as tools of utility as well as entertainment. Samsung is a pioneer in bringing revolution in the world of handset making and changed the tastes of mobile users.
Mobile phone accessories are of two types. Some of them are essential without which the hand set cannot be operated. Other accessories fall in the value added category used to enhance the technological ability of the set. Batteries and chargers are necessary items and come along with the set in the pack. One headset and stylus also come as freebies. Customers may opt for more sophisticated and powerful headsets for better audio experience. The accessories are generally very modern and latest in their technological status. Galaxy models give options for cases of various colors to go with various garments and occasions. There are fire proof and water proof cases and case covers to protect the set from scratches. Customers may opt for clips for fastening the set to pockets for protection. Then there are armbands to display style signature.
Galaxy S4 models are all touch phones and operated on the screen. Million taps and drags and strokes on the screen make it vulnerable. So screen protectors are recommended and the company supplies one protector in the pack. But customers should buy more such units to get the protector replaced periodically. Styluses get broken and sometimes lost. So you need to buy a set of additional stylus. Among the best accessories for samsung galaxy s4 dual layer case covers which can effectively protect the set and its touch screen and camera lenses. These covers come in hybrid materials to make the phone impact proof.
Cradles are very necessary samsung galaxy s4 accessories as the hand set rests on it when not in use or when it is used as a tool for enjoying audio and video clips. These cradles can hold the sets in upright and sideways positions. Accessories for Samsung Galaxy S4 provides customers value for their money and undoubtedly enhances the utility of the handsets by turning the handsets into tools for multitasking. It is difficult to imagine a phone working to its full potential without these accessories.
Choose your accessory when you buy one Samsung Galaxy S4 mobile handset from a wide range of amazing innovations.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 – Shopping

Samsung is a huge brand name in the smartphones market. All the Samsung phones and tablets are equipped with unique features and have the most stylish looks. Samsung Galaxy S4, the new member in the Galaxy family has become a vogue amongst tech savvies around the world. Let’s explore the phone more.
Samsung Galaxy S4, the newly launched smartphone in the market is in fact more than a smartphone. The phone was successful in creating a huge buzz much before its launch and now when it has been launched; there is a huge craze among people to buy it. Samsung has also worked a lot on the looks of Galaxy S4. It is quite sleek and superior in terms of built quality. The experts also say the phone has a great looks and there are certain unique features as well that are found in very few phones.
Samsung has a tremendous reputation in the market of smartphones. This can be one of the reasons why people were waiting so much for this phone. But the phone has also lived up to all the expectations. The dimension of S4 is 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9 mm. The phone is also very sleek and light that weighs 130 g. The 13 megapixel camera software features dual shot, drama shot, sound & shot, animated photo, High Dynamic Range (HDR), Panorama mode, Sports mode, night mode, best face mode, 360 photo mode, etc. The phone supports Full HD (1080p) video recording and playback feature with Zero Shutter Lag. The 2 megapixel secondary camera on the device supports video calling.
Talking about the operating system, the phone has android 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), which is just amazing to use. The phone is equipped with 1.9 GHz Quad-Core Processor or 1.6 GHz Octa-Core Processor. As far as selection of AP is concerned, it varies from market to market. The internal memory of the S4 is 16 / 32 / 64 GB with 2 GB RAM. The smartphone has expandable memory up to 64GB.
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 16GB White color phone is in huge demand among people. Besides that, the phone is also available in black color. The additional features that phones possesses include Group Play, Share Music, Share Picture, Share Document, Play Games, Story Album, S Translator, Optical Reader, Samsung Smart Scroll, Samsung Smart Pause, Air Gesture, Air View, Samsung Hub, ChatON (Voice/Video Call, Share screen, 3-way calling), Samsung WatchON, S Travel (Trip Advisor), S Voice Drive, S Health, Samsung Adapt Display, Samsung Adapt Sound, Auto adjust touch sensitivity (Glove friendly), Safety Assistance, Samsung Link, Screen Mirroring, and Samsung KNOX (Business mode only).
The battery capacity of Galaxy S4 has also increased from that of Galaxy S3. As S3 has a battery capacity of 500mAH; Galaxy S4 has a capacity of 2,600mAH. There are mainly eight sensors in S4 which include Accelerometer, RGB light, Geomagnetic, Proximity, Gyro, Barometer, Temperature & Humidity, and Gesture. It also provides Google Mobile services such as Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Play Store, Google Plus, YouTube, Google Talk, etc.
If you are planning to purchase Samsung Galaxy S4, then you should not give it a second thought. It is a phone worth buying.

Samsung galaxy S4 innovative features never seen before

What is Galaxy S4 Contract
The Galaxy S4 contract is a fixed monthly payment (line rental) you pay to the mobile operator for a fixed no of months (contract length), to have your own Samsung Galaxy S4. The mobile operator will also provide you with the text, minutes and free gift with your contract. The price of this contract is so less that most people prefer to have a contract then to pay a full cost of the mobile at the same time.
The Galaxy S4 contract is the most happening thing in smartphones arena in the United Kingdom with over 2 million Galaxy S4 contract already sold in the UK itself. The galaxy S4 was the most awaited smartphone of 2013 and the mobile operators in the UK are able to take this opportunity to increase their sales with Galaxy S4 contract.
Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest of the galaxy series smartphone from Samsung. Release on 14 March, 2013 in New York this smartphone has distinguished features in both software and hardware departments. By April 2013 Samsung made available this handset in 155 countries from 327 networks due to this its sales zoomed and it was able to sell 10 million Galaxy S4 handsets by the middle of May 2013. Samsung gave it a slogan ‘Life Companion’ because it has plenty of amazing features which will make you to live with this phone always and wherever you go, connect with people by breaking language barrier, sharing amazing photos and videos, faster connectivity from network are some of the few things to name.
Rush for Galaxy S4 Contract
As we all know that a Galaxy S4 contract is signed between you and the mobile operator saying that you will pay a fixed line rental, for the full contract length to the mobile operator, for your Samsung galaxy S4. This type of contract brings down the cost of the mobiles enabling people to have costly mobile phones by giving a monthly payment. The mobile network industry of the UK comprises mainly of five big players ‘ vodafone, t-mobile, orange, o2 and three. All of these mobile network providers provides with a no of Galaxy S4 contract for people of all income levels. Different contracts has different line rental, contact lengths, minutes, texts, internet and handset cost associated with them. Their different varieties allow people to choose the best contract for them according to their data usage, minute usage and text usage. One of the two most popular contracts from vodafone are ‘
1. 47 line-rental, 2 year contract giving 4 GB internet usage per month with unlimited text and minutes. The handset cost is free with this Galaxy S4 contract.
2. 37 line-rental, 2 year contract giving 1 GB internet usage per month with unlimited text and minutes. There is also a handset cost of 69 with this Galaxy S4 contract .
Features of Samsung Galaxy S4 gives user a never seem before experience. Samsung engineers have packed this mobile phone with great specifications some of them are given below.
Magnificent Photo ‘ taking experience
Samsung Galaxy S4 camera rear camera is a 13 MP auto-focus and the front camera is a 2 MP one. It gives you ability to edit your photos right away on the phone and store them in brilliant clarity. Dual camera mode makes it possible to take front and the back photos simultaneously. You can even add a small voice click for your photo to add even more details in it. The cameras have 11 Tricks which will enhance your camera experience every time you use it. Some of them are as follows-
a) Shooting Modes – Samsung Galaxy S4 camera has 12 shooting modes to take perfect photos for each occasion. A built in easy to use interface allows you to do close-up, clear blemishes from faces, select best face, in a group photo, from each person’s best look from 5 consecutive images and then merge to produce the best image.
b) Dual Camera – Samsung Galaxy S4 dual camera mode allows photographer to involve him or her in the photo without asking someone else to click the photo. In this mode both the front and the rear camera click the photo at the same time so that you are always included in the photo
c) Drama shot ‘ Take 100 photos in 4 seconds and combines several of them in a single frame to create the action in motion like a drama. You can use this trick in capturing football goals, wave surfer jump, prize collection of your child and everything you can imagine.
d) Voice commands- Control your camera with your voice and take excellent photos in complex situations when both of your hands are full
Touch Free Experience
Experience a new way to interact with your Samsung Galaxy S4 by just waving your hand. This is called ‘Air Gesture’ which allows you to navigate freely without touching the GS4 Screen. Move your hands to turn pages, accept incoming calls and do everything without even touching your phone. This is the newest feature and is not present in other rival phones like iPhone 5 and Xperia Z.
Stay Healthy with Galaxy S4
Samsung Galaxy S4 has a unique combination of hardware and software blended into one to give a unique experience for health conscious people. It can show you your heart rate, calculate your calories, work as a habit tracking device and act as a pedometer by pairing up with fitness wristband (S bands). All your health report is displayed on the S4 screen.
The price of Samsung Galaxy S4 comes at 450 onwards in sim free version. The Galaxy S4 contract is much more affordable and starts with 33.00 onwards on T-Mobile. The Galaxy S4 contract length is 2 years and has 200 minutes talk time with it.

Useful Accessories for Your Samsung Galaxy S4: Galaxy S4 Dock

The Galaxy S4 is one of the best smart phones out there. It comes with an amazing array of features and abilities which make using it a most enjoyable experience. You can surf the internet, receive and send e-mails, play all sorts of games, listen to your favorite music and videos, keep in touch with friends and colleagues through Facebook, twitter, internet messaging programs, SMS, MMS, audio and video calls, etc. The best thing about the Samsung Galaxy S4 is that you can take it with you anywhere you go because of its small and long battery life. Because of the huge several people using this device and loving it, there are a great number of S4 accessories on the market, to meet all your needs, some of which are quite essential if you want this device for its portability. In this article, we aim to present to you a couple of things about some of the more important accessories that you can search for your phone.
The Galaxy S4 chargers are some of the most basic, yet indispensable accessories for your S4.
One of the best solutions out there when it comes to chargers is the Galaxy S4 dock USB charger, a great choice for all smart phone enthusiasts, as it allows you to quickly power up your phone and at the same time synchronize it. It’s elegant, and very easy to use. All you need to do is connect the USB cable to your computer, plug-in the USB adapter in the dock, insert the S4 in the dock and then it will let you know when your phone is fully charged. And if you don’t want to connect it to your computer, the Galaxy S4 dock USB charger comes with an AC charger.
But if you’re on the road most of the time or simply often forget to recharge your phone before going to work, then maybe the Galaxy S4 Car Charger is the choice for you. It’s quick, easy to use, and always at your disposal – so you are sure that you won’t run out of battery in the middle of an important call. Offering an elegant design, the Galaxy S4 Car Charger is also affordable and perfect for those who love using their S4 a lot throughout the day.
Galaxy S4 cases offer the protection that your phone needs. If you like your screen clean, and your phone scratch free, then you should consider buying a case for your phone. You can also consider getting a foil for the generous touch screen display. There are a great number of types of cases on the market, made from plastic, metal, silicon or leather.
The preferred option these days seems to be the Galaxy S4 Bluetooth Headset, which replaces the wired hands-free systems. Bluetooth headsets allow you to communicate wirelessly, anywhere and at any time. One of the greatest things about this device is that it allows you to take incoming calls and make calls using the hands-free option, which is particularly useful when you are driving. The Bluetooth sets also means there are no tangled wires to worry about, so you have complete freedom of movement. So, if you want to drive safely and still talk on the phone, the Bluetooth Headset is a great option for you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – Technology – Cell Phones

It’s time for a celebration.The Korean company is all set to rule again in the market with his new flagship device Samsung Galaxy S4. Samsung already has gain top position in the market with the help of their S series devices. After a huge success of Samsung Galaxy S3. This phone already a top in the market and it have more then 30 million proud users worldwide and this is most hype cell of 2012.The company showed off its new flagship device at a press event in New York on Thursday, March 14th. But, this device is surely worthy of every hype. this time Samsung galaxy s4 will come with a huge screen 5.0 with the support of super Amoled capacitative Multi touchscreen with the resolution of 1080*1920 pixels which results with a pixel density of 441 ppi and is covered by the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 which protect the cell from unwanted scratches. The device runs on an Octa-core 1.6GHz Cortex-A15 processor with a PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU,With a huge difference as we compare it with S3. which makes it way powerful than its predecessor. The mobile when coupled with a 2GB RAM, is sure to redefine the multi tasking experience and apart from the on board storage options of 16/32/64 GB, it also supports a micro SD memory card up to 64 GB. Coming to the powerhouse, it packs in a 2,600 mAh Li-ion battery which will surely give enough power to keep your entertainment going on.

The internet browsing experience is taken to a whole new level. A 2600 mAH battery powering the Galaxy S4 supports the device positively. A 13 MP rare camera works well to its favor but the front camera is frankly a disappointment. The internal and external memory is not a cause of concern in any of the high end smart phones, and Galaxy S4 is not an exception to the same.
OS & Processor

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS loaded in it. This device comes with different processors for different market places. For specific markets, the Galaxy S4 features the 1.6 GHz eight core Exynos 5 processor. Other markets will have the 1.9 GHz quad core processor. This device will also has a 2 GB RAM for extra smooth multitasking.


The 5-inch display screen of this smartphone offers visuals at full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution. The display screen has 441 ppi pixel density. This device measures less than 8 mm in thickness. The display screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. This handset also comes with a 2600 mAh battery loaded in it. When it comes with body it’s plastic glossy but it’s ok with that body it keeps phone weight light.


The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 13 MP primary camera loaded in it. The camera also comes with a range of high end supporting features like auto focus, LED flash, face detection, smile detection and image stabilization etc. This smartphone also comes with a 2 MP secondary camera loaded in it.This phone is also loaded with some new awesome camera features like Dual camera, Eraser, cinema photo, Drama shot, Sound & shot, dual-shot, dual-recording etc.


This high end Samsung smartphone comes with a range of internal memory choices. Users can choose between 16 GB, 32 GB or 64 GB internal memory variants. The memory capability of this device can also be expanded up to 64 GB through a microSD card.

Media & Connectivity

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with multi-format media players and many other applications loaded in it. High end connectivity features like 4G LTE, 3G and NFC etc. are also available in this device.

Other Features

There are many other smart features available in the Samsung Galaxy S4 to provide more value to the user. It comes with the S-Voice (like other Galaxy flagships), Smart Stay eye tracking, TV Out, active noise cancellation and document viewer etc.
I think with some great features this device is really worth of it’s value.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3: Comparison Review

Similar design, but subtle tweaks:
In terms of the design, Samsung Galaxy S4 platforms right in front of the Galaxy S3. Samsung has retained the round, pebble-shaped handset style in the new model. However, Galaxy S4 has got a flatter back and a neater, more uniform shape.
Even the Galaxy S4 has got the home button but the bezel surrounding the screen is slimmed down. More people will tend to focus on the screen with this. The Galaxy S4 is larger than the Samsung Galaxy S3 but is slimmer and lighter than its predecessor.
In terms of availability in colors, buy Samsung Galaxy S3 in different colors such as blue and white while the Galaxy S4 is available in ‘black mist’ and ‘white frost’ colors.
Bigger, higher-res screen:
The Galaxy S3 has got a great display yet the Galaxy S4 took things to the next level. The Galaxy S4 comes with a 5-inch, 1080p Super AMOLED display. The Galaxy S3 has got the pixel density of 306ppi while there is an increased pixel density on Galaxy S4 with 441ppi. That said, images and text will perhaps look razor-sharp onscreen.
Eye-control and hover gestures:
Crammed with eye-control features such as Smart Pause which pauses the video when one looks away from the video and will also resume the video when one looks back The Galaxy S4 also incorporates eye-tracking gestures. You can just scroll through the contents now.
The Galaxy S4 can be controlled by simply hovering ones hand over the screen and not even the touching the screen. One can just wave their hand in front of the phone to accept a call. If one is driving, it will automatically go into speakerphone. One doesn’t need to hold their hand too close to the handset to make this hovering tech work.
Loads of camera features:
The Galaxy S4 has got a dual-shot model that takes the shots with both the rear and front-facing cameras and combines both the images into one image. The front-facing snap will be placed as an inset; hence one can see their reaction while taking a photo.
Shot and Sound takes a shot with accompanying audio of 9 seconds while Drama Shot combines burst shots into one image. Cinema Photo creates a static image while Eraser Shot removes people from your photos.
Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 and experience its 13 megapixels and buy Samsung Galaxy S3 and experience its 8 megapixels. One should take the note of the difference it will offer to the users.
Faster processor and 4G:
There will be a regional availability of the Galaxy S4 processor, going local to the people. Some of the countries will be distributed, a quad-core Qualcomm processor and the rest Exynos 5 octa-core processor.
Now, we have to check how powerful these chips are than the Galaxy S3’s quad-core processor.
Also, both the smartphones are running versions of Android Jelly Bean via Samsung’s Touch Wiz interface.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Bigger Features With Affordable Price – Shopping – Electronics

One of the major releases of 2013 by Samsung in India was Samsung Galaxy S4. In spite of the high price tag, this phone is quite popular in the Indian’s market due to the high quality material and superb service. The price of Samsung Galaxy S4 price in India is near about 28000 in the current market.
After almost 6 months of release the demand of the Mobile is good. Here are some of the important features which make this Samsung Galaxy S4 The look of the mobile is quite attractive. The elegant design and the high quality material of the phone make it different from others. The mobile is available in tri-colour in Indian market. The screen size of the Mobile is large enough to see movies and play games on it. The size of the screen of the mobile is 5-inch. The touch of the smartphone is quite smooth and legs free. The advanced design makes it easy to use for daily work. This phone has a picture resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.
Picture taking experience on this phone is also quite good in every manner. This smartphone comes with an 13 megapixel primary camera and a 2 megapixel front camera. The LED flash on the phone is quite good and the picture taking capability in low light is quite remarkable from every aspect. This smartphone runs android jelly bean. This is the most stable operating system in the Indian market. When it comes to core hardware section, this phone is way ahead than its competitors. This phone comes with a 1.6 GHz dual core CPU. This is one of the most powerful smartphone for multitasking these days. This phone runs a number of heavy applications without any trouble. Not only a powerful CPU, but to provide technical support to this powerful CPU, this phone has a dedicated 2 GB RAM. Most of the HD games till date run on this phone without any issue.
The phone is capable of dual micro SIM, although this phone does not support normal SIM. For faster data transfer and data connectivity, this mobile has a USB 3.0. Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with a 16 GB internal memory but this memory can be increased with MicroSD card. Phone memory can be extended up to 64 GB with MicroSD cards. Not only advanced USB 3.0 but this phone has Bluetooth V4.0 which is the latest technology in this field. Another important feature of this phone is its battery backup. The phone is quite capable to sustain 2 days with a single charge. This phone has a 2600 mAH battery. In addition to all these features this phone also has a 3.5 mm audio connectivity option which makes it compatible with a rage of quality headphones. These are some of the important features which make this phone remarkably different from the other available phone Indian in the same price strip. Besides all other feature Samsung provides quality after sell services which makes this phone quite popular among the Indian consumers.

Why Should You Purchase the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active?

Samsung has yet again launched the latest in its series of Galaxy version, this time it is the Galaxy S4 Active. It is said that this Smartphone is all prepared to give its’ rival Sony Xperia ZR and Z a tough competition. This Smartphone too is dust and water resistant.
However, for those who are still thinking how different it is from S4 they need to take a closer look.
Water and dust proof
The reason why it is named Active is that the product aims at active users especially those who are more of the sporty kind and consumers who are inclined towards outdoor activities. This phone is robust with its build with a screen of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and is prepared to survive scratches and a few bumps.
You will be easily able to work with the Active, as this phone is capable of resisting dust and water. It is for those who keep traveling and face weather extremities while on the go. Even if you drop your phone in 1-meter water puddle for 30 minutes it will still be functional. Additionally, you can use the phone for taking pictures while snorkeling. Amazingly, if you want to listen to music while walking in the rain even then your earphones will work well as they are waterproof too.
The Samsung Galaxy Active is packed with a primary camera of 8 MP that falls below its standard against S4 with 13 MP. However, there is not much of a difference when it comes to taking snap shots with the camera. You will still be able to capture decent pictures as what matters most is the camera lens. Apart from this if, you are not aiming to create a poster size picture then 8MP is enough to do a decent job.
The camera of the Samsung Galaxy Active is capable of capturing underwater shots. You will be easily able to capture your snorkeling pictures that will be enhanced by using Aqua Mode. This mode is especially designed to give you good quality shots underwater along with good video quality.
Screen and form factor
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has a brilliant display with a screen measuring 5-inches and a HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. However, the screen is TFT LCD technology; the color technology is good. The only drawback seems to be that it is power hungry.
Apart from this, you would enjoy the Glove Touch technology that you will find on this Smartphone. This technology enables you to operate your phone even when you are wearing gloves.
The Samsung S4 Active is a bit robust and bulkier than its cousin. It measures 9.1mm as compared to 7.9mm thickness of the Samsung Galaxy S4. The dimensions of Active 4S is also different – 139.7 x 71.3mm and weighing 153g. If we compare it against the Galaxy S4, you will see that its weight is 130g and measures 136.6 x 69.8mm. This makes Galaxy S4 sleeker as against the Active S4.
If you are wondering about the specifications then you will be surprised that both seem to be the same. Both the phones come loaded with quad-core processor clocked at 1.9GHz with 4G LTE support. The bundled up OS comes with Jelly Bean version 4.2.2. The battery power of the phone is 2,600mAh. Connectivity options include USB 2.0 port, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and Wi-Fi Direct.
When it comes to internal memory, the Active 4S only comes with 16GB storage space. It comes in three memory variations like, 64GB, 32GB and 16GB. The advantage with Active S4 is that you get as much as 11GB of internal storage space to use.
Which one to purchase?
If you are the one who likes travelling and indulge in sports then undoubtedly you should go for Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. The only thing that might bother you is its’ weight but this aspect can be overlooked keeping in mind its robust nature. You will still enjoy using this phone for shooting underwater videos and clicking pictures of aquatic life. This is one water and dust resistant phone that you will enjoy using. Additionally, you also have the choice for color variants like orange, blue and grey.
If you are the one looking for a sleeker phone with greater internal memory options and super AMOLED display then choosing the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the best option for you.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Versus Apple iPhone 5

Samsung released its new outstanding flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S4 at the beginning of March, 2013. This latest release of Samsung is going to be the real competition to Apple iPhone 5. Samsung Galaxy S4 is composed with the latest hardware and software features including a 13 MP camera, eye tracking technology and an amazing feature of using the phone without even touching the screen. Whereas, iPhone 5 is an inspiring smartphone but it is not as outstanding as Galaxy S4.
Let’s have a look at some remarkable features of this impressive smartphone.
Faster than iPhone 5
Galaxy S4 has a quad-core processor as compared to iPhone 5, having dual core processor. Moreover, the speed of Galaxy S4 is far better than iPhone 5.
Biggest Screen
Samsung Galaxy S4 has whopping 5 inches screen that means more apps, more space for videos and higher quality.
Versatile Enough
Samsung Galaxy S4 has the most recent version of Android which is relatively better and customizable OS than Apple’s iOS. Above and beyond, making calls and downloading apps, S4 allows you to remotely control your Samsung TV.
Better Camera Software
Besides high software quality, Samsung Galaxy S4 has a big 13 MP camera, in contrast to iPhone 5 that has an 8 MP camera. The camera of S4 has so many software features, making it easier to take pictures and edit them easily. Pictures taken from S4 will stand out because of their features allowing you to remove unnecessary things from a photo and Share Shot, allowing you to synchronize your buddies’ Galaxy S phones together to share photos. Software aside, the Galaxy S 4 packs a whopping 13 megapixel camera, compared to the 8 megapixel camera of iPhone 5.
More Memory
Samsung Galaxy S4 consists of 2GB RAM, allowing you run more apps all together, use more tabs in your browser while enhancing the overall efficiency and quickness of the smartphone. Whereas, iPhone 5 has only 1GB RAM.
Sharper Screen
Galaxy S4 is made with an HD Super AMOLED screen with an impressive resolution of 1920×1080 at 441 pixels per inch. While, iPhone 5 Retina Display eject an astounding 1136×640-pixel resolution at 326 pixels per inch.
Removable Battery
The Galaxy S4 has a removable battery, giving you an ease to don’t stay tethered to a switch. It offers you a supplementary battery kit to get some juice while you are in a rush.
Galaxy S4’s Storage Capacity
If you don’t want to invest in a 64GB Galaxy S4, you will have an option to expand the storage capacity by using a MicroSD card, allowing you save your important data instead in your phone’s actual memory.
Google Now App
This outstanding Android feature makes Galaxy S4 more preferable than iPhone5. Google Now is your personal assistant that uses your smartphone information to give you more accurate information. Whereas, Siri, an app of iPhone 5 just can’t compete with Google Now app.
So, are you ready to explore the full features of Samsung Galaxy S4? If so, go ahead… it is available on all major carriers.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone: A Review – Oklahoma City Technology

I have used Windows Phone devices almost exclusively for the last year, and while I am a huge fan of the hardware (specifically Nokia devices), the third part support of Windows Phone is still lacking. I have decided that I need to get more from my smartphone, so I have decided to revert back to an Android based device. I chose the Samsung Galaxy S4 as my device for a few different reasons, and I am now ready to share my experiences after using the device for a couple of weeks.
The design
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a nice phone to look at, but the design overall is quite boring, especially when compared to its main Android rival, the HTC One. The One has beautiful straight edges and sleek lines, and it is made from beautiful brushed aluminum. The S4 utilizes a pebble shaped design with rounded edges and cheap plastic, in fact it is the same design and build quality that the S2, S3, Note 1, and Note 2 all use. Don’t get me wrong, the S4 looks nice, but this design is getting old and the S4 looks a little dated.
Having said that the S4’s design is looking a little dated, the S4 does feel nice in the hand. The S4 is incredibly light and weighs in at just 4.59oz (130g). The weight is even more surprising when you see just how big the S4 really is. The phone is 5.38-inches tall, 2.75-inches wide, and remarkably the S4 just 0.31-inches thick.  The S4 packs a huge 5-inch display, but even with these dimensions, the S4 is easy to hold, and easy to use.
Looking at the phone you will find the S4 to be quite minimalist. The right hand side of the phone is home to the power button, while the left hand side of the phone is home to the volume rocker. At the top of the phone you will find the 3.5mm headphone jack and noise cancelling microphone, while the bottom houses the USB charger connector. Above the screen you will find the earpiece, 2.0MP front facing camera, and brand logo, while underneath the screen you will find a physical button and two capacitive buttons to control the phone. Around the back you will find the 13MP camera, LED flash, and one small speaker towards the bottom left hand side.
There is one design element that I have loved about recent Samsung devices, and that is the removable battery cover. Underneath the back cover you will find the 2600mAh battery, the Micro-SIM card slot, and a SD card slot.
While the overall design of the S4 is looking a little old and tired now, the phone does feel really nice to hold. I am not a fan of the cheap feeling plastic, and I cannot help but feel that a flagship device should have a more premium feel to it, but the materials serve their purpose. Overall the S4 is a nice looking phone, but it is by no means the nicest on the market.
What’s under the hood?
While Samsung seem to skimp on the materials used to build their devices, there is no doubt that Samsung goes all out when it comes to the internal components. Simply put, the S4 is a powerhouse, and is one of the most powerful phones on the market today.
The Galaxy S4 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU, a Quad-Core processor that has been clocked to 1.9GHz. The snappy CPU has been paired with the powerful Adreno 320 GPU, and a full 2GB of RAM. The S4 comes with either 16GB, 32Gb or 64GB of internal storage.
The S4 has a beautiful 5-inch super AMOLED display that has a resolution of 1080×1920 (full 1080p HD), and has a pixel density of 441 pixels per inch (iPhone 5 with retina display has a pixel density of 326). The screen has stunning clarity, vibrant colors, and deep, rich blacks, and unlike many other AMOLED screens, the screen on the S4 is easily viewable in direct sunlight. Samsung have taken a note from Nokia’s book and have made the screen super sensitive which means that users can use the screen while wearing gloves, which I am sure will be a welcome feature in colder climates.
The Galaxy S4 has a 13MP, back illuminated camera with LED flash, and a 2MP front facing camera. The front facing camera is capable of high definition recording, which comes in handy for video chatting, while the rear facing camera is capable of recording video at a resolution of 1080×1920 (1080p) at 30 frames per second.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a lot of other features as well such as built in aGPS and Glonass GPS receivers, a accelerometer, gyroscope, compass, thermometer, barometer, humidity sensors, NFC (near field communication) expandable memory SD card slot (can accommodate a 64GB memory card), Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi a,b,g, and n  (with 5GHz support) and gesture sensors.
As mentioned above the S4 has a 2600 mAh that is capable of powering the device all day with moderate to high use. During the past two weeks I have averaged anywhere from 12 to 15 hours from a single charge with moderate use, and thanks to the removable battery, you can purchase additional, higher capacity batteries if you desire.
As you can see from the list of features above, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is packed to the gills with high end components, and on paper you would have to believe that the S4 would be a solid performer, but how does it perform in the real world? Lets find out.
The road test
I will admit that I have been spoiled when it comes to performance thanks to Windows Phone 8 and Nokia hardware. The user experience on that platform is wonderful with silt smooth transitions, and zero lag. Android has always suffered with a less than wonderful user experience thanks to inconsistent hardware and different software configurations, but I have to say that the S4 has changed my opinion about Android based smartphones.
Thanks to the Quad-Core processor, 2GB of RAM and the Adreno 320 GPU, the Galaxy S4’s Performance is out of this world. The phone is blazing fast. From a cold start, the Galaxy S4 booted to the lock screen in 26 seconds, screen transitions are silky smooth, apps open immediately, and most importantly of all, there is absolutely no lag to speak of. The S4 uses Samsungs take on Android which sees the either loved, or loathed TouchWiz user interface take center stage. Manufacturers are the ones who make or break Android with their custom interfaces, but I have to say that TouchWiz is one of the better skins I have seen on Android.
TouchWiz is based on Google’s Android 4.2.2 (Jellybean) Software, and it brings a myriad of features such as S Note, multi-pane windows (you can have 4 applications open at the same time on the same screen) S-Beam (a sharing feature that allows you to beam content from your phone to another device) smart scroll, which is a feature that tracks your eye movement and will automatically scroll the page you are viewing, and smart stay. Even with all of these extra features that Samsung added on top of Android, the device just zips along without missing a beat. There is no doubt that Android has come a long way since the last time I owned a Android smartphone device (LG G2X).
The Samsung Galaxy S4 doesn’t even break a sweat while plowing through every day tasks such as reading email, sending text messages, and browsing the web, and even when the phone is asked to run applications that would require more power, the phone just breezes right through the task, it is this level of performance that I feared losing by making the switch from Windows Phone 8 to Android, but I now know that I had nothing to worry about.
Using the Galaxy S4 is very easy thanks to the now intuitive Android user interface. As you would expect with this being a smartphone almost everything is controlled via the touch screen, as mentioned earlier on though, there are 3 buttons located just beneath the screen. There is a physical home button that works just like the home button on an iPhone would work, and there are 2 capacitive buttons, one that allow the user to open menus, and another that allows the user to back out of applications.
The battery life on the S4 is excellent too. As mentioned above a typical day for me will see me checking email, sending text messages, browsing the web, playing games, and watching movies, and even with moderate to heavy use, I do not have to worry about charging my phone. The battery is rated for 17 hours of talk time, and 15.5 days of standby power. Even when you do need to charge the battery, you will not have to wait very long. After completely draining my battery, I was back to a full charge in about one and a half hours. The speaker that is located on the back of the device is loud and clear, and listening to music or movies is easily done. The sound is not earth shatteringly good, but the tiny speaker gets the job done.
I have to say that I am very impressed with the overall performance of the phone when it comes to completing everyday smartphone tasks. The S4 is fast, fluid, reliable and very easy to use.
Can this smartphone make calls?
Yes, of course it can, but this is something that we seem to take for granted these days. At the end of the day, the primary purpose of the S4 and any smartphone is to make phone calls, and the S4 does not disappoint in this area of operation.
The Galaxy S4 performed very well during all of my calls. I have used the S4 to make calls to both land lines and cell phones, and overall the call quality has been excellent. During all of my calls, I have easily able to hear the recipient of my call clearly, and they have been able to hear me clearly as well. I cannot help but think that this is mainly due to the excellent noise reduction microphone that is located on the top of the phone, because even while calling someone in a noisy environment, or while outside with theOklahoma winds blowin,g the recipient (even when asked) could not hear any other outside noise.
The earpiece on the Galaxy S4 offers great clarity, and the volume level is more than loud enough, and even the speaker on the back of the phone offers great clarity while being utilized during hand free conversation. I have not suffered from any dropped called during this two week period either, and I put this down to the inclusion of LTE radio’s and the fact that ATT’s signal in my area is very strong, however having said this, even after placing a call in an area that is known for bad reception, I still cannot remember dropping a call.
The camera
There is no doubt that Nokia has the market cornered when it comes to producing the best smartphone cameras, and it is the camera that I will miss the most from my Nokia Lumia 920, but Samsung have done a pretty good job with the camera in the Galaxy S4.
The camera interface is easy to use thanks to the mode selector. The S4 has five preset camera modes, auto, sports, night, beauty face and best photo. I would hazard a guess and would say that most people will not venture outside of these preset modes, but for those that do like a more manual approach you will find settings for ISO, face detection, metering, anti-shake, night detection, white balance, exposure values, flash, timer, and guidelines.
The 13MP shooter in the S4 is capable of taking so very nice shots when in good lighting. The pictures that are produced are bright and vivid with very little noise, having said that the colors can seem to be a little oversaturated at times. The S4 does not perform very well in low light conditions though, even with the flash, night time pictures are full of noise and artifacts that really make most pictures unusable which is a shame.
Video recording is very easy with this phone. A simple mode selector switch on the screen switches between stills and video. The camera can record in HD 1080p at 30 frames per second. The S4 can produce some very sharp looking video, but you will need to have a steady hand because the S4 does not have any optical image stabilization. The video performance is more than adequate for the average user though. The microphone performs well and is able to pick up even the tiniest of sounds. The front facing camera is also good. The 2MP camera is perfect for video chats, and for teens (or teen wannabees) who like to take countless selfies.
Is the S4 the perfect Android phone?
The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a great phone, and I am pleased with my purchase, but is it the perfect Android phone? The answer to that question is both yes and no.
The S4 is fast, very fast in fact. It is without doubt the fastest Android device I have ever used. The phone boots quickly, the phone breezes through Android with zero lag, and everything is silky smooth, even when using demanding applications and games. Call quality it very good and data speeds with AT&T’s LTE network averaged 18Mbps down and 11Mbps up. The screen is stunning, and it is easy to read even the smallest text in e-books and on websites. The camera can produce some vivid (if a little oversaturated) pictures and video recording is also good, while the battery is more than capable of lasting a full day.
The biggest downside of the Galaxy S4 would have to be the design and the cheap feel of the materials used to make the phone. The design of the S4 is the same as the design of the much older S2, the S3, the Note 1 and the Note 2, and I believe this design has been overused. There is nothing about the design that really makes it standout from the crowd like the Nokia Lumia line of phones, or the new HTC One. The cheap plastic also leaves a lot to be desired for such a high end, expensive phone. The phone does feel nice while in use though, and the light weight helps this.
If you can overlook the design of the S4 then there is no doubt that you will be happy with the S4. I normally do not buy cases for my phones, but I am going to break down and buy one, just so that I can add some sort of design to the phone. The performance is second to none though, and really at the end of the day that is what matters the most. I highly recommend the Samsung Galaxy S4

First Pictures of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Effective Arise? – Technology – Cell Phones

Have a look at what may well function as first pictures of the Galaxy S4 Active from Samsung. This product is a fascinating someone to follow, since the very first reviews of the water and dust-resistant Galaxy S4 struck the internet back April. It’s been claimed that these devices might start since July, and with no word from Samsung however, it’s interesting that they’re enabling purchasers to however gobble up the Galaxy S4 without presenting them with options first.
The phone’s exterior is very different but in the typical Galaxy S4.. It seems that all front-facing buttons are slightly protrude and bodily from underneath, a move that could have served Samsung make it more resilient to the weather. In terms of that red support, the four screws in the top and bottom corners put in a great solid feel, nonetheless it does seem that the back continues to be detachable should you look carefully in the top left-hand corner.
Based on the standards within the picture, the unit must come transported in what we see listed. There’s 5′ 1080p present at a pixel density of 480 and a, 2GB of RAM, an a 19GHz quad-core model ( probably the Snapdragon Adreno 320 GPU..
Waterproof Samsung Flagship Is True, Will Undoubtedly Be Named Galaxy S4 Active
Among the most attractive things about the normally relatively underwhelming Sony Xperia Z and the recently declared Sony Xperia ZR could be the proven fact that it’s waterproof, meaning you are able to move marine into a particular range, to get a reasonable time frame, and not need to worry about your device becoming another expensive summer doorstop. With these leaked images of the strong Galaxy S4, which can be being dubbed the ‘Samsung Galaxy S4 Active’ the Xperia will experience greatly staunch opposition, and with the Japanese-made device having been panned by many critics to get a variety of reasons, it’d seem like Samsung won’t have too much difficulty struggling out a few of that ‘active’ market-share from Sony.
Samsung does have expertise in the sport, but this is the first-time the organization has come through with anything to entice the high-end smart phone user. The photos lost present a tool wrapped in an extremely striking red colorization configuration, and if the specs are certainly reflective of the product, Sony ought to be change cautious of the company’s movements..
The S4 Active is anticipated to pack a 5-inch Super AMOLED Full-hd (1920 x 1080) present, Adreno 320 GPU, and a quad-core 19GHz Snapdragon 600 Soc. In addition to that, it’s likely exactly the same 13-megapixel snapper within the typical Galaxy S4 will even be placed in, and if you do a task involving dust, grease and water, you’ll no more need certainly to move with one of these insultingly simple handsets having a shell worth front-line gear.
Although many distributors release a fresh flagship, take the time to enjoy their achievements and possibly even give themselves somewhat self-congratulation, Samsung rather operates without relent to provide more gadgets, more characteristics, and more options to consumers. The Galaxy S4 might be taking its baby-steps in to the industry, but the talk of many spin-off units continues to be incessant since before consumers might even manage to get their practical the most recent and greatest. The Galaxy S4 Mini has been mentioned many times, as has a ruggedized, water and dust-proof type of Galaxy S4, and based on a lot of lost photos, the latter now seems an assurance for launch in the longer term.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 pricier than iphone 5 – Computers and Internet Articles

Finally the day has arrived for the Samsung Galaxy S4 and wait of its admirers is now over. But on the other hand if you already possess the Galaxy S3 then is it worth full to upgrade your handset with Galaxy S4? If looking at the display of S3, it possesses a striking screen of 4.8 inches HD Super AMOLED display along with 1280×720, 306ppi resolution. With its successor Samsung has done a little bit of enhancement as it possesses a 5 inches 1920×1280, 441ppi display. This is for sure every company is trying to launch their hi-end handset with better and high resolution screen as compare to S3.

However the older smart phone boasts a larger screen as compare to other novel offerings. The novel handset of Samsung easily detects the human eyes very closely and this is the only difference that might forces an individual for upgrading their handset to S4. There are many users those are predicting that the built up of Galaxy S4 seems to be quite cheap but according the sources this smart phone is pretty expensive as compare to iphone 5. Recently a report has been issued by the Research Company regarding the materials and its related cost for producing the Galaxy S4 and the total estimation comes out to be $244.

This amount is broken into various segments such as their part carries $236 and labour $8 in a 16GB handset of the latest handset of Samsung. So the overall estimation of the handset comes out to be $30 which is more than its predecessor. However the Galaxy S4 possesses a full HD display and enhanced Exynos 5 processor. Also its predecessor has been criticized a lot due to its plastic looks and feel as it was a completely premium handset whereas S4 has also opted the path of S3.

The 16GB iphone 5 white deals @ <A HREF=” TARGET=”_blank”> costs $207 and is the most premium handset accessible in the market seems to be not much expensive or costly.  Very soon all the users would be criticizing about galaxy S4 that its prices are very high if comparing their outer looks and feeling of a handset. Samsung has positioned the high-end features in its latest handset that makes the gadget exclusive from other existing handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone – An Overview

Introduced in March 2013, Samsung I9500 alias the Galaxy S4 adds another to the growing list of Android devices currently available on the market. It was one of the highly anticipated Android products in the tech market because it finally brought along 4.2 Jelly bean update which was earlier expected to ship with S3. Here’s a quick note on the features and technology packed into the device.
Features at a Glance
1. Size:
The Galaxy S4 is a neat package with a sleek profile. Samsung does not change much when it comes to the size of the device. At 136.6 x 69.8 x 7.9mm, it fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. The light, plastic chassis accounts for its ultra-light weight (130g).
2. Display:
It is important to note that Samsung upgraded the screen size without increasing the overall size of the phone. Galaxy S4 ships with a 5-inch screen and as per tradition a Full HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080). The screen offers a pixel density of 441ppi; lower than HTC One (468ppi) but higher than Apple (321ppi). 441ppi pixel density means rich colors, crisp images and sharper details. It’s a joy to view everything from articles to videos. The screen is ultrasensitive; it works with gloved hands too. It is the first device to feature a Gorilla Glass 3 cover glass.
3. Camera:
A crummy camera can be a major disappointment. Samsung’s biggest release for 2013 boasts of an impressive 13-megapixel rear facing camera and 2-megapixel front facing camera. The Smartphone stands out for its dual mode feature. Setting the camera in dual mode allows users to shoot a photograph or a video in front of them and a picture of themselves simultaneously. Galaxy S4 also includes several other modes to make photography fun while adding a touch of professionalism to it.
4. Processor And Memory:
It is powered by a blazing Snapdragon 600 quad core processor clocked at 1.9 GHz. There is ample storage place for all the apps and media you wish to download. You can choose between the 16GB, 32GB or 64GB. There is an expandable memory card slot too.
5. Operating System:
Samsung Galaxy S4 runs on Google’s latest Android 4.2 Jelly Bean operating system. The TouchWiz interface remains the same.
6. Battery Life:
The battery life is another plus-point on Samsung’s Galaxy S4. It is powered by a 2600mAh user replaceable battery. It is the best aspect on the phone especially to a person who not only uses his mobile phone to take calls but also to respond to emails, play games, stream movies, surf the internet and listen to music. It offers a minimum 18 hours battery life with serious usage. Also, the battery replacement option ensures you have backup at all time.
The Bottom Line
Its sturdy build and top-end features make it one of the most powerful devices to be manufactured by Korean brand of Samsung. If you’re looking for a new Smartphone, you’re sure to be impressed with Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Technology – Cell Phones

A Smartphone is not just a device but something with which you create memories & share those memories with your friends all the while balancing your personal & professional life. There’s a division in the world of Smartphone’s. There are phones that are normal-sized and phones that are super-sized. You will like one type or the other. If you like normal sized Smartphone’s then say hello to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. This phone is designed to offer the features of its bigger sibling but with a more compact footprint and a marginally cheaper price.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is a life companion just like its older brother, the S4. It is built for easy handling & comfort unlike the S4. Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which is a dual GSM SIM Smartphone that fits right into your pocket having superior portability. It is backed by 1.5 GB of RAM which ensures that applications open lightning fast, making lag a thing of the past & multitasking a breeze. Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which comes packed with nifty yet useful apps that you will love. The Group Play feature is amazing to spend time with your friends by playing games together. S health is another wonderful feature which will keep a close check on your health & help you get back in shape.
The S4 Mini sports a nifty 4.27 inch capacitive touch Super AMOLED screen with a qHD resolution that is both wide and has amazing clarity. The AMOLED does what it does, and has those colours that are super-vivid, this is great and has plenty of brightness. The detail is amazing though, and despite having only a 540 x 960 resolution 4.3-inch screen, that’s still got 256ppi which is a great amount. Compared to the 441ppi on the SGS4, even so it looks pretty stunning.
Capture every beautiful moment of your life to help you remember the memory with life-like clarity with the 8 Megapixel primary camera with a power LED flash to light up your world. The camera itself is nice to use. It’s not a megapixel monster or anything, but the images it produces have a natural look to them, with nice colours and plenty of detail.
Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which will never leave you stranded without battery for it gives you up to 9 hours of talk time on any 3G network powered by a 1900 mAh Li-Ion battery. Play as many games as you want, watch videos or movies, listen to songs & be on call for hours, the battery won’t die on you mid-day.
Samsung Galaxy S4 mini price is Rs.27,990, but get a whopping discount of 4 % when you buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini online on the mobile store, India’s largest & most trusted mobile store. Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which comes with 8 GB internal memory which can be extended up to 64 GB which will ensure that any number of applications can be installed & run without any loss in speed or performance.
For more details visit today  to check out its unboxing video& read more about its specifications & buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini online.

Exploring Innovative Ways to Personalized Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases – Technology – Cell Phones

Each person wants to use the most recent models of mobile devices available in the market. The latest version of the mobile device and operating system further allow users to avail several innovative features and functionality. So you must have chosen Samsung Galaxy S4 after considering several factors. But the Android smartphones have a reputation of keeping users addicted. That is why; you have to protect the device from scratches, drops and other damages. The right Samsung Galaxy S4 case will provide constant protection to your mobile phone. However, you have to explore option to customize the Samsung Galaxy S4 case to impress your friends and coworkers.
Exploring Ideas to Individualize Your Samsung Galaxy S4 Case
Decide the Case
The customization options will vary according to your choice of cell phone cover. You have options to choose from a wide variety of Samsung Galaxy S4 cases available at the local as well as webs stores. Along with the hard-plastic and pseudo-leather cases, you also have option to choose the rugged wear and waterproof cases. At the same time, you can further choose custom-made cell phone covers according to the color and style of your smartphone. Once you decide the Samsung Galaxy S4 case, it will be easier for you to decide the appropriate customization option.
Decorate the Case using Stickers
A user also has several options to customize the Samsung Galaxy S4 cases on his own. After buying a clear case, you can optimize its look and feel with stickers. You also have option to choose from a variety of stickers to decorate the case according to your personal choice. Also, you have option to design your own stickers and print the custom design from your computer onto sticker papers. However, the stickers are less durable, and prone to being fallen off after some time.
Choose from Image Galleries
It is also a good idea to buy customized Samsung Galaxy S4 cases from several popular websites. The websites allow you to choose from several cases. After choosing the case, the website allows you to decide the customization options. Normally, the websites allow users to choose from their existing gallery of images. You can browse through the images, and choose images of your choice. Based on your selection, the store will print the case, and ship the customized case to your address.
Add Your Own Image
While customizing the Samsung Galaxy S4 cases, you can further consider expressing your personal feelings. Instead of choosing from the image galleries, you can opt for uploading your own image. The personal image will help you in individualizing the cell phone cover by printing the photos of some of your most cherished moments, relationships and feelings. There are a number of websites that allow users to upload their own images. After uploading you personal images, you can arrange these to make your Samsung Galaxy S4 case look unique.
It is also a good idea to opt for several personalized Samsung Galaxy S4 cases to make the device look different during different occasions. You can even consider individualizing the cases to convey your emotions, feelings and beliefs.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini- The Mini Smartphone For You

A Smartphone is not just a device but something with which you create memories & share those memories with your friends all the while balancing your personal & professional life. There’s a division in the world of Smartphone?s. There are phones that are normal-sized and phones that are super-sized. You will like one type or the other. If you like normal sized Smartphone?s then say hello to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. This phone is designed to offer the features of its bigger sibling but with a more compact footprint and a marginally cheaper price.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 mini is a life companion just like its older brother, the S4. It is built for easy handling & comfort unlike the S4. Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which is a dual GSM SIM Smartphone that fits right into your pocket having superior portability. It is backed by 1.5 GB of RAM which ensures that applications open lightning fast, making lag a thing of the past & multitasking a breeze. Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which comes packed with nifty yet useful apps that you will love. The Group Play feature is amazing to spend time with your friends by playing games together. S health is another wonderful feature which will keep a close check on your health & help you get back in shape.

The S4 Mini sports a nifty 4.27 inch capacitive touch Super AMOLED screen with a qHD resolution that is both wide and has amazing clarity. The AMOLED does what it does, and has those colours that are super-vivid, this is great and has plenty of brightness. The detail is amazing though, and despite having only a 540 x 960 resolution 4.3-inch screen, that’s still got 256ppi which is a great amount. Compared to the 441ppi on the SGS4, even so it looks pretty stunning.

Capture every beautiful moment of your life to help you remember the memory with life-like clarity with the 8 Megapixel primary camera with a power LED flash to light up your world. The camera itself is nice to use. It’s not a megapixel monster or anything, but the images it produces have a natural look to them, with nice colours and plenty of detail.

Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which will never leave you stranded without battery for it gives you up to 9 hours of talk time on any 3G network powered by a 1900 mAh Li-Ion battery. Play as many games as you want, watch videos or movies, listen to songs & be on call for hours, the battery won?t die on you mid-day.

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini price is Rs.27,990, but get a whopping discount of 4 % when you buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini online on the mobile store, India?s largest & most trusted mobile store. Buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini which comes with 8 GB internal memory which can be extended up to 64 GB which will ensure that any number of applications can be installed & run without any loss in speed or performance.

Visit today to check out its unboxing video& read more about its specifications & buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini online. Get a free portable charger worth Rs.999 when you buy Samsung Galaxy S4 mini online & have it delivered to your doorstep within 6-8 days.Article Source: galaxy s4

Features of the New Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

When the time comes for you to upgrade your current cell phone, you’ll want to take a good, long look at your personal lifestyle before choosing the next model. Today’s phones come with so many features, that it can be hard to know which one is best suited to your unique way of life. That’s what’s so great about the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. It is the ‘whatever proof’ phone that fits your life. You will be tempted to sell old cell phones in order to get this little dynamo.
Features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active:

TV controlling capability

One-touch photo erase function

Hands-free file selection

8MP camera with multiple custom settings

Water- and Dust-Resistance, Scratch Resistance
Not only does this phone include the above features, but the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is also built to be water and dust resistant, which means you can take it virtually anywhere.. It is constructed with Corning?? Gorilla?? Glass, which means it is durable and scratch resistant too. This beats any iPhone currently in the market. You may want to sell old cell phones so you can upgrade to this device, because none of the other phones on the market today have these features.
Remote Control Functions
Most people keep their cell phones nearby at all times. Why keep additional remote controls nearby when your cell phone can handle all of its functions? This cell phone will make you want to sell old cell phones just so you can use it to control any TV in your home. Using the Samsung Hub, users can locate movies, music and e-books and enjoy them easily without fumbling for other remotes and devices.
Amazing Smart Features
The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active has some impressive features that let you get things done faster and more efficiently so you can spend more time doing the things you love. Here are a few of its amazing features:

Smart Pause means you’ll never lose your place when you watch a video.

Smart Rotation lets you view documents in either portrait or landscape format and always have the correct view regardless of the phone’s orientation.

Air Gesture lets you complete tasks like skipping to the next song or checking your notifications with only the wave of your hand.

Air View allows you to use your finger to hover over files, links, photos and more to enable a preview.

This new device has some of the most advanced features on the market. Before you make your next cell phone purchase, make sure to check out all the new features coming out to learn which phone suits you best.

The actual Galaxy S4 show. Samsung’s finest display screen yet!

Would like to check out the movie information about the modern Galaxy S4 show? Join obtain Samsung Galaxy S4 offers and we’ll inform you the moment the following Galaxy can be obtained for pre-order. For many smartphone owners, quality and display size are foundational to factors in selecting the next system. Stated for a March introduction, the Samsung Galaxy S4 screen size is a important discussion point. So how incredible will the S4 display screen solution search and will certainly there be some other exclusive capabilities to one New samsung outside the crowd?

Galaxy S4 Display screen Solution

The actual improve coming from S3 to Galaxy S4 will most likely discover a noticable difference in the quantity of pixels on the show. The Samsung Galaxy S3 display currently provides Hd in 720p; that’s 720 lines of pixels. The current Samsung Galaxy display could be faulted by nobody, however as tech grows every year, it’s only natural that customers desire the most recent tech developments on the smartphone.

Samsung head has been already challenged by sony Mobile on using their newest offering, the Sony Xperia Z. Launched in February, Sony’s 5 inch smartphone provides a sensational Full HD screen which shows information in wonderful 1080p. If Samsung desire to preserve their status as strong opposition to Apple, the Galaxy S4 present should provde the unbelievable Whole High Definition 1080p quality.

Samsung Galaxy Display screen Size

Since you’d are expectant of, a 1080p screen demands more lines of pixels than the usual 720p display. For the time being what this means is a larger viewing area is needed. The tiniest Full HD display we are able to currently find available is just a imposing 5 inches. You shouldn’t worry just yet, If you fear what this means is a level larger phone. The Galaxy S3 stands high at a healthier 4.8 inches, therefore a Complete HD Galaxy S4 display might only need an additional 0.2 inches to be considered 1080 excellence. The outcome might be a larger display on a tool that’s as the Galaxy S3 the same dimension, If your finer bezel encompasses the Galaxy S4.

A Versatile S4 Display?

Why must Samsung end at a Complete HD Galaxy S4 show however? At CES 2013, a flexible display was unveiled by Samsung called Youm. That flexible OLED display provides a flexible and virtually unbreakable display which if built-into the Galaxy S4 display, could crown Samsung the leaders of development.

Why the Galaxy S4 requires a screen perhaps you are wondering? Samsung have shown how this technology might put round the phone to produce additional space for notice bars or text streams. Your Samsung Galaxy S4 screen could be essentially read by you without picking it up from the table.

Alternately, the Galaxy S4 show might switch open just like a book to show a level bigger 1080p display; ideal for people who fancy a smartphone / pill cross. We’re uncertain whether versatile shows can make an appearance within the Samsung Galaxy S class. It’s more likely Samsung may market this technology being an completely new variety just like projectors are exclusive to the Galaxy Beam, and S-Pens are exclusive to the Galaxy Note. If the next Galaxy have this fascinating technology, it’s certain to have a direct effect upon the Samsung Galaxy S4 cost.

Galaxy S4 Display screen Conjecture

If your following Check out the Galaxy show appear without versatile OLED engineering, we’re confident size and the display resolution can still exceed the understanding and details of the Galaxy S3.

We foresee the Galaxy S4 display screen to feature a 4.99 inch smartphone show and 1080p Full Hd. Whether you like extreme gambling, seeing HD movies or simply searching the net in more detail, the stated display update can make making use of your Galaxy S4 the very best smartphone knowledge yet.

What Makes the Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 Beat Rest of the Smart Devices in the Market? – Shopping

When a new version of the smartphone arrives in the market, it is often compared with its predecessors and Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 is no exception. Critics and geeks are studying the phone deep and finding out the good & bad things about it. But, Samsung Galaxy is a more refined version. Let’s spell-out some more details about the device.
Many users who own the Samsung Galaxy smartphone series will literally fail to point out the differences between the Galaxy – S3 and the new i9505 Samsung galaxy S4. This is mainly due to the similar look of the newly launched device which retains the polycarbonate chassis yet though there is a metallic banding from all the sides.
A whole lot has been written about the new Samsung Galaxy – S4 and its features through various sources even before its launch. Some of these posts have been spot on while others have not been so accurate but mostly all the features have more or less turned out to be as they were talked about, and the fact remains that the Galaxy – S4 has been a decent improvement over its predecessor and more importantly over its competitors as well.
The major differences as claimed by its Korean manufacturers are that the new Samsung Galaxy – S4 is superior over others in making the life easy with smartphones for the user. Better connections on social platforms thanks to its 4G bandwidth, health related technology and a much more improved 13 megapixel camera as compared to the earlier versions. However, the plastic feel of the handset is what annoys a user even today, which was the same with Galaxy S3 as well.
Galaxy S4 comes in two colors, Samsung Galaxy S4 I9505 Black 4G and Galaxy S4 I9505 White Frost. Its dimensions measure up to 136.6 x 7.9 x 7.9mm and house a Full HD 5 inch a fantastic Amoled screen. The supreme engineering gives you a larger screen than earlier but a smaller chassis as compared to the earlier versions.
The new Samsung Galaxy – S4 i9505 comes loaded with a 1.6 GHz processor powered with a 2GB RAM a combination that is greatly instrumental in beating other smartphones in the same category. Even though the processor may seem weak compared to what is being offered by competitors, Samsung manages to get it to work on the Android Jelly Bean OS better than never. The new 13 Megapixel camera and the 2600 MaH battery only add up to the benefits behind purchasing the smartphone. The internet browsing is definitely far more superior compared to Galaxy – S3 and the speeds are definitely unmatchable. Other features are more or less similar compared to the earlier version and if you need to summarize it you can consider it more of an update than a new phone model. However the new Samsung Galaxy S4 has some added features that make it more desirable than its predecessor and hence is a must buy.
The Galaxy S4 has some clever and smart features that could leave users talking about the new world of smartphone innovations for days to come. The Smart Stay feature that tracks the movement of your eyeballs to determine if you are looking the display screen, this feature allows the screen to be on as long your eyeballs keep staring at it. Also another feature Smart Pause will notice your gaze if your eyes move from the display this feature will silence the video that you were watching. In the meanwhile while you are reading a page the Smart Scroll will scroll the page up or down depending on how the device is tilted. This kind of amazing features will enable the user enjoy the smartphone experience and interface all the more.
Therefore the new Samsung Galaxy – S4 19505 is definitely a buy that is worth your money with technology re-engineered and loaded at your service there is nothing more to wait for.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – The New Star In The Galaxy!

Samsung! A brand that singlehandedly changes the landscape of global smart phone market. Ask any mobile phone expert about the market without Samsung and you’d get a clod look. Quite frankly, the South Korean manufacturer has had a far-reaching impact not only on the fringe players but also on the big brands by forcing them to think and rethink their product and positioning strategies.
Samsung’s blitz Krieg of Marketing and product launches took everyone by surprise few years back. Before many realized, Samsung had firmly placed its grip on the Smart Phone market. If most industry reports are to be believed and followed, Apple is in for a tough fight due to Samsung while HTC, Sony, Nokia and even the great Blackberry are trying to catch-up with some of the key ground that they’ve lost to Samsung.
The latest launches from Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S4 are an intriguing offering. Though many would find it hard to distinguish between the Galaxy S3 and S4, the S4 is surely and advanced version of the S3 and has a lot to offer to its ever expanding consumer base. The one change that most people were expecting and were disappointed was in the body of Galaxy S4. The plastic-like appearance of the Galaxy S3 walks in rebranded with the Galaxy S4.
The full HD AMOLED screen is fast becoming a signature mark for Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 works to the advantage of the consumer with improved looks and screen resolution. The body is smaller and thinner as compared to the Galaxy S3. At 5 inches the phone certainly has a longer display surface as compared to its competitors like the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z. however; the resolution hardly gets distorted thanks to the pan-viewing angle of the device.
The 1.6 GHz processor with a 2 GB RAM is a decent combination. Though, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z houses better processors, the Galaxy S4’s processor gets the job done for the Jelly bean Android OS. Samsung is good at packing small innovations with high impact on the users. With the Galaxy S4, the new Smart Stay technology claims to ad an intuitive feel to user experience. It tracks the eyeball movement of the user and pause the videos on gaze.
The internet browsing experience is taken to a whole new level. A 2600 MaH battery powering the Galaxy S4 supports the device positively. A 13 MPa rare camera works well to its favour but the front camera is frankly a disappointment. The internal and external memory is not a cause of concern in any of the high end smart phones, and Galaxy S4 is not an exception to the same.
Samsung has invested heavily in the marketing campaigns and strongly favoured a guerrilla marketing strategy for most of its launches. Having set the benchmark quite high with the galaxy S3, the galaxy S4’s pre-launch hype certainly created a lot of anticipation around the seemingly feature-rich phone. But, what eventually turned out was a (comparatively) dismal show from a phone that was set to revolutionize the smart phone market and drive the fringe elements of Sony, LG and HTC out of the competition. Instead, Galaxy S4 has provided them an opportunity to come back and strike Samsung hard by making a dent in its market share.
Samsung is quick to learn from its mistakes. It definitely would have sensed the mood after the galaxy S4’s launch. With the HTC One and Sony Xperia Z knocking hard on their doors, Blackberry gearing up with Z10 and Q10, Samsung’s investments in R&D will have to be ramped up and complemented with smart product features. A long standing complaint about the ‘plastic-feel’ in Samsung Galaxy series has to be addressed in its next version. Especially with the competitors edging them up.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active – Live your life, the way you want it! – Electronics Articles

Are you searching for a smartphone which can stay head to head with your active lifestyle? If yes then take a look at the Galaxy S4 Active deals that we are offering. This new device is yet another variant of Samsung’s S4 flagship range, and boy is it tough! It is IP67 certified which makes it dust proof and water resistant, and it can also survive in 1 meter of clear water for about 30 minutes without sustaining any damage. We have had users come up to us and say that these features don’t make it any different from a dozen other handsets manufactured by one of its rival companies, well let us clear this doubt once and for all, IT DOES! Mainly because if you opt for any other phone, they need to have all their ports clamped up securely before being submerged in water, otherwise you just lose out on the warranty, which kind of makes the all the ‘water-proof features’ worthless, as you don’t know when it is going to rain, or when you accidently drop it in your Jacuzzi, or when your friends decide to pick you up and chuck you in the pool; The S4 Active is a true water resistant phone as it doesn’t require any such formalities to take place before being chucked into a bowl of water.

It looks rugged (which is what one wants in a phone), as it features a stylish frame with a 5.0 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with 441 ppi and a 2 MP camera in the front and a 8.0 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash at the back. The screen has been shifted from Super AMOLED to TFT because’well’LCDs are a lot tougher, and though the camera has been downgraded from the original S4’s 13 Megapixel version, underwater photography has been added as a plus point, which only adds to a whole world of possibilities. This new camera is as good as that found in S4’s predecessor the Galaxy S3, so if you are ready to make peace with that, then you are in for a treat, as chances of you being able to get your Galaxy S4 Active with Free Gifts seem extraordinarily bright.

When you buy yourself a Samsung Galaxy S4 Active Contract, you not only get attracted to the macho look of the phone, which makes it slightly thicker to the original flagship S4, but you also appreciate the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS that this device runs on, as well as the 1.5 GHz Quad-core Qualcomm Krait 300 Snapdragon 600 processor with 2 GB of RAM and Adreno 320 GPU, which in layman terms amounts to delightfully and extraordinarily fast and powerful.

This phone basically allows you to live your life the way you want it, without your smartphone dictating the terms.

Working Armbands for Galaxy S4

Discover the best Best Running and Activity Armbands For your new Samsung Universe S4 smartphone. Managing armbands doesn’t have to be expansive but somehow many seems to be over-priced.

On this page we’ll attempt to discover the best working armbands for GS4 products that are sold for good rates and those that provide us with the best possible quality and operation.

These armbands are great for running, for gymnasium and for other sport activities that want both hands to be free.

This can be a high quality Shocksock Reflective Sports Armband perfect for working, jogging and sport activities in general and Provides the optimum protection for the Samsung Galaxy S4. Can be ideal for outdoor running or for the gymnasium.

Samsung Galaxy S4 most extensive bling circumstances

Discover what are the most extensive circumstances for Samsung universe S4. With this page we’ll introduce you to the most Luxurious and the most intensive circumstances that the new Galaxy S4 has to offer and try to find out when they really worth the cost.

With the new Samsung Galaxy smartphone coming out, it is apparent that we now have also new and interesting accessories available. These accessories have grown to be of use and more original than ever however many of them will also be more costly than before.

Do they really offer features that will not be changes by cases and covers? are they really that good? and what is the single most extensive case for Samsung Galaxy S4? we will look for answers to all or any of those questions with this page.

Swarovski Bling Circumstances

Swarovski Cases are really unique and they often provide us with an accumulation of good bling, crystal circumstances for smartphones. With Galaxy S4 they made cases that look even better and got anther stop forward.

I really like the gold Leopardo situation below. It seems so good. Swarovski cases aren’t cheap and often have a cost that might discourage many people but for individuals who are definitely into bling cases that do not look cheap it might really be a whole lot. It’s good to have such a big assortment of high quality bling cases to pick from.

Quality Chinese Situation Address for Galxy S4

This is a great example of a case that does worth the purchase price, I just love it. The Tridea Italian Wallet Flip Case has more pockets compared to the average to suit your needs. It is really a good wallet case and if you are looking for the very best wallet case for Samsung Galaxy S4 this is the one for you.

It is perfect for everyday use and it’ll do a great work Protecting your product from dust, scratches and falls. With this fashionable great looking case you are able to keep everything safe and secure inside your wallet case with the snap lock key.

Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Innovation in Interactivity

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest Smartphone offering from Samsung, and it’s a real tour de force with a brilliant choice of features and technological innovations that make this phone stand out from the crowd. You’ll immediately note that the Galaxy S4 is the same size and heft as its predecessor model, yet has somehow managed to lever in a range of improvements into the same compact amount of space.
There’s no doubt about it – the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a real top-end piece of equipment. The increased 1080p HD resolution gives it a startling level of visual quality that makes using it a real joy, expressing more colour and clarity than earlier models. This phone is also a serious step forwards in the overall sensitivity and interactivity of Smartphone screens. It’s sensitive enough that you can easily use it even when wearing gloves (handy when it’s cold out) but the Galaxy S4 goes so much further than that.
The Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a myriad of innovations that really open up its use as a hands-free phone. On the one hand, the S4 features eye-tracking technology that it harnesses to make interacting with your Smartphone a much more intelligent experience – the phone can tell whether or not you’re actually looking at whatever it’s displaying on the screen. This means that it can save power if you’ve put it away and are no longer looking at it; and if you’re watching a video, the phone can cleverly pause it when you’re looking away or distracted, starting it up again when you look back. The technology involved even lets you scroll just by tilting the screen. On the other hand, the S4 can effectively track your gestures and movements from a short distance away from its touchscreen, allowing you to interact with it without having to actually make contact. This allows it to notice and interpret your movements when you wave your hand across the screen, making it ideal for environments where you don’t have the time or free hands to muddle about poking a Smartphone.
Like many of this new cutting-edge generation of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is ready for the 4G roll-out, an advent of network technology that you’re going to want to take advantage of. 4G is vastly faster than 3G when it comes to downloading and streaming content, which combines with the HD screen to make a great experience viewing videos on your phone. It works both ways too – want to share content and photos yourself? 4G will make the experience far more swift and pleasant. 4G connectivity is rapidly rolling out across network providers, so get in the lead with the S4 and experience the best content the world has to offer at amazing speeds.
All this comes with the usual improvements you expect from a new phone design – a larger battery offering longer life, an improved camera now offering 13 megapixel of resolution, and other great features like the Group Play utility that lets you share your music and content with friends in a quick and easy way.

Review Of The Latest Samsung Galaxy S4

One of the best, if not the best, smart phones of 2013 is the Samsung Galaxy S4. Reports say that there are already 10 million units sold and that consumers are very happy with it. Read on below the product description of this popular phone and learn where to get it with the best prices.
Design – It looks almost exactly the same with its predecessor, only it is a little bit thinner and larger with its dimension of 136.6mm (H) x 70mm (W) x 8mm (D) and at 130 grams. It features the damage resistant Corning Gorilla 3 which also contributes to the devices overall lightness.
Display – The 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED (1920 x 1080) with 441 ppi is just plain amazing. The images look very clear and the colors are vibrant. It is also interesting to point out that Samsung made the screen bigger without increasing the overall size of the phone.
Also, this is awesome news for those who primarily use their phones for internet, watching videos, games, and of course, social networks. The Super AMOLED is also known for consuming less power and thus, longer battery life.
Memory and Processor – This is another reason why a lot of people are very happy with the S4 Galaxy. Samsung announced that it will be available in 2 types and the U. S. variant will get the 1.9 GHz Snapdragon 600 quad-core.
You can choose to buy the 16GB, 32GB, or the 64GB and you can even use a microSD which is not available in other units such as the iPhone.
Camera – For most of the buyers, especially women, the phone’s camera must be the latest technology and the best. And the Samsung Galaxy S4 has just that with its 13 mp rear camera and 2mp on the front. Additionally, it comes with cool new features including the Dual Camera function which is really enjoyable.
Battery and Charging – It has a bigger 2600 mAh battery which is also replaceable so you can get yourself an extra battery for the busy days. And even with its bigger and brighter screen and other functions that requires more power, it can last more than a single day. It is way better than the average smart phones right now.
An announcement is also made by the manufacturer that the Wireless Pad and Cover will be available on June 2013 this means that you can charge your phone without the annoying wires.
Software – Rightfully so, it will have the latest and fastest 4.2.2 Jelly Bean Android OS with the TouchWiz interface. It comes with a whole lot of new features which are not only fun, but very useful as well. This includes the Air Gesture and Smart Scroll to mention a few.

Choosing Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories – Computers and Internet Articles

You’ve gone ahead and bought the best smartphone on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S4. You’ve played around with it a little to see what it can do, and you’re hooked. But, if you’re like many people, you’re not satisfied with just a phone, you want more.

The amount of different accessories for the S4 are astounding. You can buy docks, car mounts, extra batteries, styluses and more. You can even buy a device which will allow you to track your exercises such as walking. There are accessories that allow you to turn your phone into a game controller or to track your dog. With the new smartphone accessories you can do just about anything with your phone!

When shopping for accessories, check out all the options available to you. For instance, did you know you can use your new phone as a remote control? This includes not only your television, but also a model helicopter if you enjoy playing with them. Not all accessories are fun and games, though. You’re also going to want to buy one of the Best Galaxy S4 Cases to protect your phone from drops, spills, bumps and scratches. Plus, you’re going to want extra charging power for when you’re on the go. This could include extra chargers or an extra battery pack.

Whichever accessories you chose, you’re going to be enhancing your experience with the Samsung Galaxy S4. The phone already comes with many new and exciting features right out of the box, why not buy the things you need to truly make your phone uniquely yours? Whether you’re preparing to be a power user by buying an extra battery, using it for your business with a card reader or stylus, or just turning it into a video game controller to play your favorite racing game, you’ll be sure to enjoy your phone even more when you have the perfect accessories to match.

You’ve gotten the new phone, and now you know what you can do with it. It’s time to take a look at the Best Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories and find out what you need. Take a look at the large variety of accessories offered, you may be surprised at the options you have available. Where to find? You can simply go to or Google search to find the best accessories for you. Or just shop around at your local stores.

4 ‘How To’ Tips for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 took the world of technology by storm and it awed every technology enthusiast. Users were impressed because it is powered with 1.9-GHz quad-core processor besides other exciting features. You have all the freedom to use both the cameras simultaneously, run two apps at the same time and also enjoy the Air play feature.
However, if you are well versed with the 4 easy ‘to do tips’ for creating short cuts and other functions then your experience will surely be a lot better.
Disable S Voice feature
The S voice is a rival to Siri by Apple. It can perform various functions with the voice command. You can easily use it for performing the search function, fetching weather report, navigation to a specified location, updating social status and much more.
This feature of S Voice is always turned on then you might find that your phone soon starts slowing down. It is better to turn off this feature.

Launch the S Voice by pressing Home Button twice or tap the icon of S Voice if the home screen is functional

Tap the Settings button located on the left side of the Home key

Uncheck the option of Open via the Home key.
The feature of transition animations give you the freedom of moving amongst apps and moving from the home screen to an app. You can even exit an app and return to home screen with this feature. However, these animations are eye catching but it takes a toll on the performance of your phone, making it a bit sluggish.
By applying the following steps you will be able to deal with it:

Go to-> Settings->More tab located on the right hand side of your screen.

Scroll down to search the Build Number Field and tap it multiple times.
Remember to keep on pressing this field till you get the permission of a developer.

Press the Back button and Go to-> Developer Options.

Scroll to search for Window Animation Scale and select the option to turn it off.

Go to Transition Animation Scale-> Animator Duration Scale located under Developer Options to turn it off.
Tips for camera apps
The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a good camera quality with faster shutterbug. It is advisable to create settings for lock screen shortcut to your Camera app to enable faster access by a swipe. Apply the following steps:

Go to-> Settings men-> My Device tab, OR Select the option of Lock Screen that appears at the beginning of the list.

Lock screen menu-> Tap Shortcuts option.

Switch on the Set Shortcuts option that is turned off by default.
You can speed up your Samsung Galaxy S4 in shot-to-shot times. You are allowed to enable the feature of Best Photo that gives you the option of capturing eight shots at one go. This helps you select the best captured pictures from those 8 shots.
This is how it is possible:

Go to the Camera app-> Mode button, scroll down to locate Best Photo and select it.

Press the icon of shutter to be able to capture eight images consecutively.

After you are done firing 8 shots, pick and choose the best amongst the available options.

Long press on the picture to select it, now tap to save it.
Disabling Light Effect feature
Light effect feature is offered in the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4. When you touch the screen your finger leaves a tiny trail of light behind. On unlocking your device, this light spreads to the full screen effect. However, if animation is enabled then it takes a bit longer to turn on the screen. But if the animation feature is turned off, the unlock screen takes no time to enable the Home Screen.
You can apply the following steps:

Settings-> Go to Menu-> choose My Device tab.

Alternatively you can ‘Select’ the Lock Screen option-> Unlock Effect-> None.
The 4 tips given above are easy to apply as well help in saving battery power of your Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy S4 free at Best Buy or Walmart on Black Friday Nov. 29 – Cleveland home technology

The Samsung Galaxy S4, newest smartphone in Samsung’s Galaxy S series,will be offered free on Black Friday at both Walmart and Target, as highlighted in a Nov. 24 article on
That’s free, as long the buyer signs up for a new 2-year contract for smartphone service. This deal is to be offered at both Walmart and Best Buy. The Best Buy deal is available with either AT&T or Sprint service.
The Walmart deal will cost you $99 for the phone and then you receive a $100 Walmart gift card, and the Walmart deal works with any of the four major US cariers: Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint or AT&T.
So this holiday season is an excellent time to get deals on smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4.
The fact that this phone is being offered at such a low price probably indicates that we will see a Samsung Galalxy S5 soon. Check the video attached to this article for CNET’s comparison between Samsung Galaxy S4 and the latest iPhone, the iPhone 5s; CNET’s reviewer liked the Galaxy a little better.
Note that both Walmart and Best Buy offer trade-in programs that will pay you to turn over your old phone at the time you’re buying the new one. This article highlights Best Buy’s program.
Also, see this article for details of the gift cards at Target and Walmart.
Sound advice: The two-year commitment with a major carrier will cost $1,200 to $2,400 over two years so make sure to ask questions about discounts and get the service you really need. Make sure the phone company you choose has good wireless coverage in the places you’ll want to use your phone. Asking friends, neighbors and co-workers how happy they are with their service is good idea.
Conclusion: Before you get to the store, make sure you know the model and configuration you want. Don’t get caught up in the hype. The prices are pretty close from store to store for the latest items and it’s  more important to get the right item than to save $10 or $100 that required you to stand in line for hours on the holiday.
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Buy A Samsung Galaxy S4 Car Mount Today And Drive Carefree!

The Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone is the choice of a range of smart phones users. Whether you use it while taking a walk, running or at the gym, it’s a great device to have around: light, slim, classy, easy to carry around, and lets you browse the internet, keep in touch you’re your friends and play your favorite songs and videos, wherever you are.
There is one situation, however, where you can’t use them without putting yourself and others at risk, and that is while driving your car or riding your motorcycle. Smart phones need at least one hand to use, and a great deal of attention. That makes you pay less attention to the road and, so, could result in unpleasant incidents.
As we often need to use certain features on our Samsung S4 while driving, such as the GPS, we often choose to use our phones, in spite of being aware of the risks. However, there is a safer, less stressful way for us to enjoy the features of our phones, and that is to use the Samsung Galaxy S4 car mount.
The smart phone car mount attached itself to the car’s dashboard and can hold your S4. It’s easy to attach or remove, so you can choose the most convenient place for it, every time. It’s also fit for using in any car, so you don’t need to buy more than one of these cheap Samsung Galaxy S4 accessories if you regularly use more than one car. It also doesn’t require any extra efforts to install, as its grips attach to the vent, thus ensuring there is no damage done to your dashboard.
These cheap Samsung Galaxy S4 Accessories bring multiple advantages. For starters, they are useful because they allow you to focus on the road and use both of your hands while driving, and also keeps your Samsung Galaxy S4 from falling off the dashboard. Moreover, you can adjust its place so that you have a direct view of the screen, at an angle that doesn’t require much effort, making using the phone or keeping an eye on the screen easier.
Although some of the newer car models accommodate a Galaxy S4 holder, which connects the phone directly to the speakers in the car, there’s a higher chance that you won’t find many models that have a dock for the S4 holder. If that is the case, it can be easily connected to FM transmitters connected in turn with the adapter socket for the cigarette lighter in the car.
To play music straight from your S4 smart phone, connect your Samsung Galaxy S, tune in to any radio frequency, set the FM transmitter to the same frequency and you can now enjoy the music choice found on your S4 device.
So it doesn’t matter if your car has a dock for your S4 holder or not, you can enjoy your favorite music and all the other features of your phone while driving, stress free!

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Shopping

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Shopping

Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest introduction in the market of smartphones. The phone has also gained popularity within the a few days of its launch. Samsung has worked a lot on the looks and features of Galaxy S4. The phone has also surpassed the popularity of Galaxy S3 within few days. This article will compare the features of Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3.
Samsung has launched its new smartphone ‘Samsung Galaxy S4′ in the market. The phone is equipped with all the smart features that have raised the bar in the mobile technology. The 5′ Full HD recording phone has a tremendous Super AMOLED display.
Samsung Galaxy S4 is way ahead of S3 as far as the features are concerned. Both have the Android Operating System, but their versions are different. S3 has Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and S4 has Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), which shows that S4’s android version is stronger than the S3’s version. Galaxy S4 has a screen size of 4.99′, which is larger than S3’s screen size (4.8′). As far as pixel density is concerned, S3 possesses 306 Pixels Per Inch (PPI). On the other hand, S4 possesses 441 PPI. Talking about the storage capacity, both the phones have the same internal storage of 16,384 MB and card storage is also the same, which is expandable up to 64 GB.
The CPU speed is better in S4 as compared to S3. As S3 has a CPU speed of 1.4 GHz, S4 has 1.6 GHz CPU speed. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 2 GB RAM, which is better than the S3’s 1 GB RAM. The battery technology ‘Li Lon’ is same in both the phones but the battery capacity has been increased in Galaxy S4. As S3 has a battery capacity of 2,100 mAH, S4’s battery capacity is 2,600 mAH. Other features such as DLNA, GPS Navigation, Graphics Accelerator, HD Playback, Microphone, etc are same in both the phones. But you will not get the fun of FM Radio in S4, which is there in S3.
Samsung Galaxy S4 i9505 Black 4G sensors are Accelerometer, Barometer, Digital Compass, GPS, Gyroscope, Humidity, and Thermometer. Galaxy S3 has all those sensors except Humidity and Thermometer. As far as the camera quality is concerned, it is way better in S4 as compared to S3. Galaxy S3 has 8 Megapixel camera, which is nowhere around S4’s 13 Megapixel camera. The secondary camera of S4 (2 Megapixel) is also better than S3’s camera (1.9 Megapixel).
The various camera options available in Galaxy S4 include Autofocus, Burst Mode, Digital Zoom, Dual Camera Record, Front Facing Camera, Image Stabilization, LED Flash, Panorama, Rear Facing camera, Sound & Shot, and Video Recording. But you will not find Dual Camera Recording and Sound & Shot options in Galaxy S3’s camera. The maximum video capture resolution of both S4 and S3 are the same – 1080p.
Samsung Galaxy S4 supports 3G, 4G, Bluetooth, Infrared, Mobile Hotspot Tethering, NFC, and Wi-Fi. On the other hand, Galaxy S3 supports all of them except Infrared. As far as Bluetooth version is concerned, both the phones have 4.0 versions.
If you will do comparison between Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3, then it is but obvious that S4 will win the race. The phone is equipped with a number of features that is hard to find in any other phone of the same range.